It's been awhile since "Lost" had an episode that felt like filler, but "Some Like It Hoth" really the best possible way. Filler episodes often do little to move the actual plot, but they can be funny, charming, and great character pieces. That is exactly what this one does, although it does have a little plot. It's just not as interesting as Ghostbuster Miles and his daddy issues (who wouldn't see that coming?!). He is currently the only Freighter who gets an entire episode to himself and his flashbacks, since Charlotte died too quickly, Frank was too busy crashing, and they're building up to Daniel.

Immediately "Lost" answers a question fans had since the beginning of the season when Marvin Candle started the premiere off in bed: who was his baby? If anyone guessed Miles (like me!), they would be correct. The first clue was that his mother is Candle's wife, but for the unobservant it was hinted at several times and then Miles straight out admitted it. He never knew his father, and his special Sixth Sense powers seemed to come to him at a very young age. We get a little hint at how it happens for him, with bright flashing pictures full of information that go across the screen when he senses a body nearby. Then it is back on the Island with the Dharma, and Sawyer asks Miles to cover for him and Kate stealing Ben by taking out the security video. He is about to do so, but Horace interrupts and sends him on a secret mission. He meets Radzinsky and is given a mysterious body. If they wanted to keep secrets, giving Miles a body was the worst way to do it!

Miles is then given the task of bringing the body to Marvin Candle, who he does not want to see because he has daddy issues. Hurley comes along for the ride to bring food, and as always Hurley is the coolest and sweetest character on the show. He is happy to go on a road trip with his new BFF Miles. He discovers the body however, and when Miles tells him what happened to the dead guy, Hurley comes to the conclusion that Miles can talk to dead people. It's cool, though, 'cause so can Hurley. Then they have a hilarious conversation about whose powers are better (Hurley wins), and this is just the first in many wonderfully funny moments. It is almost like having Charlie back, honestly. They pick up Candle, and Hurley tries to make the daddy-son bonding happen by suggesting they drink together and asks what kind of music Candle likes. There is no way of explaining how wonderful Hurley is in this episode.

In the past Miles visits his dying mother and asks about his father, but she says he never cared about them and died when he was a child. He becomes a heartless Ghostbuster just looking to get cash when Naomi finds him and asks him to join Widmore. Then he's kidnapped by a mysterious group that ask him something about the shadow of the statue. That sounds familiar! It looks like there's a new faction trying to mess with the Island, everyone. In Dharmaland, Miles sees his dad playing with baby-him and gets emotional, and then Candle asks him to help meet the scientists at the submarine coming in. He sees Daniel looking calm, friendly, and not at all crazy. What?

On the side of plot-moving things, the honeymoon is over for the Strandies. Roger flips out that his child just disappeared, and then Miles forgot to take the security tape so Phil finds it and tells Sawyer. He knocks his former friend out. This is all Kate's fault because she tries to calm down Roger, and then Jack for trying to calm him more. They both are very bad at it. Sorry, Strandies, your peaceful little life is over!

Yay Daniel is back. Maybe we'll get some real answers now! Haha, I know, I'm totally just kidding. This is "Lost." It was a very sweet episode, and by the way, Hurley was trying to write Star Wars and make key changes to help it be better. This would probably include no Ewoks, since he declares "Ewoks suck." I love this show.

"Lost" is on ABC Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST.

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Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer