The sorrow from Daniel's death on "Lost" is still fresh, especially since Jeremy Davies sticks around long enough to be a corpse for a few scenes this week. Dan, we miss you already. The episode starts with Jack and Kate waiting in the bushes for Dan to talk to his mother, and briefly discussing the merits of his plan to change everything that happened. They hear the gunshot and decide to get out of there, but Widmore comes galloping in on his horse and takes them both hostage. Young Eloise is reeling from what Daniel told her before he died ("I'm your son"), and she grabs his journal. This is how the older Eloise knew to give him the same brand new journal years in the future. Eloise is convinced by Jack that they come from the future and the only way to save her child is to change everything like the journal says. Either from grief or curiosity, she agrees and orders Richard and a red shirt Other to come with them to get the bomb. Widmore seems angry, but he does not stop her.

Shouldn't Daniel be born already in 1977? Davies is 39 years old, and if Daniel's roughly the same age, he'd be born in 1970. Just saying.

Sawyer gets the snot beaten out of him by the intensely unlikable Radzinsky, but he refuses to talk about where Kate, Jack, and Daniel went. Of course they specifically talk about Kate only because everyone must remember the Love Square of Doom. They get saved by Dr. Chang, who can't get Daniel's words out of his head. He finds Miles, Hurley, and Jin hiding in the bushes, and hilariously quizzes Hurley about the 70s until he admits they're from the future. He then tells Radzinsky and the others they have to get everyone on the sub, and Sawyer suggests all the women and children (and them) get off and Radzinsky can deal with his own stuff from there. Sawyer and Juliet get on the submarine and smile at one another, declaring their love, and then because "Lost" hates people with a brain, Kate is stowed on the sub with them. Juliet looks like she wants to eat nails, but she's probably thinking 'Why do the writers have to keep bringing up this annoying soap opera drama?' I don't know, Jules.

Kate is there because she had a fight with Jack. He wants to change everything so that their plane never crashed, but Kate argues that their life since then has been worth living. Also the little detail that he could kill everyone on the Island without knowing it would work or not, but Jack is now crazy season two Locke so he knows it is in their DESTINY! Kate tries to remind him that their relationship is one of the major reasons she wouldn't want to erase it, and the audience can laugh about Jack's reply because after being jerked around by her for years, no one can blame him for going 'meh.' So she goes off, but not before Eloise threatens her with a gun, and then Sayid comes out of the jungle to remind us all he's freaking awesome. But he decides to go with Jack because ... um ... why not? Sayid's had an awful few years, it is not surprising he would want to go back on the plane because he was going to find Nadia. And maybe they would have their happily ever after if things were different.

Richard, Eloise, Jack, and Sayid swim into these tunnels with Egyptian writing everywhere and apparently the bomb is under the Dharma village. Radzinsky decides to go after the Others once Sawyer drew him a map. In 2007, however, Locke, Ben, and Sun meet up with Richard and the others. He tells them that their friends in the past all died in front of his eyes. Locke brings him to the time loop earlier in the season where he was shot and jumping through time and Richard fixed his leg. After Richard does it again, Locke demands he bring himself and the rest of the Others to see Jacob. Richard looks at Ben like 'oh no he didn't' and Ben is hysterical when he goes 'see why I tried to kill him?' You're great, Ben, never change. Locke tells Ben that he plans on killing Jacob, and everyone watching goes WHATTTT and wonders what he is smoking.

Next week is "Lost" season five's two hour season finale. Only one more season after this. Tear. "Lost" is on ABC Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST.

Lost Cast: Matthew Fox - (Jack), Evangeline Lilly - (Kate), Michael Emerson - (Ben Linus), Kim Yun-jin - (Sun), Daniel Dae Kim - (Jin), Terry O'Quinn - (Locke), Josh Holloway - (Sawyer), more

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer