One of the best parts about a show like "LOST" is that even after years, fans still remember the details. For example, it may have been the end of season two when Michael shot Libby and Ana Lucia, but in season six this horrific act of betrayal is still very fresh to LOST fans. Michael tried to seek redemption in season four by going on the freighter back to the Island, and once he accomplished what he was meant to, he died in the freighter explosion. Now it seems like Michael didn't really get the redemption he's looking for, because he's still stuck on that damn Island ... this time as a ghost. No one feels bad for him, because he murdered two women and sold out the rest of the Losties. We hold grudges like that.

This week is a Hurley episode, and it is always good to see the sweetest member of the cast in the spotlight. First in the Sideways world, Hurley is a successful and wealthy businessman. He owns Mr. Cluck's, the place he used to work at. His mother tries to set him up on a blind date, but instead of that woman arriving he meets someone else: a blond lady named Libby. She comes up to him and says she knows him, wonders if he believes in love at first sight, and Hurley's quite enamored with her until a doctor comes over and takes her away. Libby is in a mental institute, the same one Hurley was in with her in the original world. Desmond comes and gives him some advice, telling him to go see Libby. She tells him about the Island and her memories of him, but Hurley doesn't remember anything. They finally get to go on that picnic date they planned for on the Island, and Hurley even remembers the blankets this time. When he asks her why she could possibly like him, echoing his own question of her all those seasons ago, she does the same thing she did before: she kisses him. This makes him remember everything, and the two happily reunite. AW.

On the Island, Hurley is at Libby's grave and talking to her about all the awful things going down. Ilana tells him they have to get ready to go blow up the airplane. When she leaves, Michael appears to Hurley. Absolutely the worst person he ever, ever wants to see. Way to pick the wrong person, ghosts. If you want him to listen, send Libby. He even wonders why she hasn't appeared to him yet. Michael says if they go to blow up the plane, many people will die, and he shouldn't do it. He tells Hurley they listen to him now, which is true and a great character development point for him. So he argues with Richard and ilana, and Ilana makes his point the best way possible. She blows herself up.

Now to be fair, we all know what happens when someone walks around with dynamite and starts throwing it around willy nilly. Arzt was very careful with it and he blew up. I'm not sure if Ilana's sudden death was supposed to be funny or not, but it was surprising, and it was a 'that's what you get for not listening to Hurley!' moment. Later on Ben expresses an interesting thought on the matter, since no doubt people are wondering why Ilana was so quickly killed. He says that she did her duty and the Island was done with her. This has happened before with Michael being killed when his use ran out, and Desmond is often told the Island isn't done with him yet. Ben wonders what will happen when the Island is tired of all of them. I think you know what, Benjamin.

The team goes to the Black Rock to get more explosives, but Hurley's already gotten there and he blows it all up. Niiiiiice. He's the new John Locke, blowing up everything he doesn't like! Richard's very, very angry and Hurley lies that Jacob wants them to go find the smoke monster. Richard, Ben, and Miles decide to keep on with their journey to blow up the plane, but Jack, Sun, and Frank go with Hurley instead. Jack tells Hurley he is trusting him, and he's willing to stand back and let someone else lead for once. It almost makes him likable again for a minute, except that just willing to follow anyone is almost as bad as recklessly leading everyone. You need to find a middle ground, Jack! Hurley talks to Michael again, who tells him how to get to the smoke monster, and then he reveals one of the secrets of the show. The whispers are the voices of all the dead people from the Island who aren't able to move on, like Michael. This means that the reason Libby hasn't appeared to Hurley is because she has moved on. It does make a lot of sense. The Island isn't purgatory for the living, but maybe it is for the dead.

If I was Ben and Miles, I'd go wherever the candidates are. They're the special chosen ones! Now the smoke monster has all of the candidates, which means he can basically leave the Island now, right? Oh and guess what. He has Frank. Who is a pilot. So Richard's team better hurry up to blow that plane, otherwise they're in some serious trouble now. Hurley and the others do meet up with Smockey and his team. By the way, Smockey was introduced to Desmond and took him to the well. The one that led down to the frozen wheel, or another one? In any case, we all know where this is going. They're talking a little bit and he's surprised Desmond isn't surprised. Then he pushes him into the well. Nice going, Des. When a guy starts talking about how you're alone and no one else can hear you scream and asks why you're not afraid, this is the time to punch him and run.

The end tag is from the Sideways world. Desmond is at the school watching Locke, and Ben Linus comes up to see if he's a creepy pedophile. Not as creepy as you are, Ben. Once he sees Locke go he runs over the wheelchaired man and drives off. Way to get him back for the well, Des, although you know that's not the real John Locke. Honestly though, it's probably because of the near death experience triggering, and the look on Locke's face as he lies there on the ground may just indicate he's starting to remember some things of his own. It's all coming together now.

LOST is on ABC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.