This is the episode of the LOST's  that all the fans were breathlessly awaiting, and now that it has come and gone ... the general feeling afterward is 'meh.' The problem comes down to expectation, and with only a few episodes left of this incredible show, people are getting impatient for answers. Honestly, I don't expect them to answer half of the questions they should, because then it would just be three hours of telling the audience exposition. Still, in an episode that is said to have long reaching answers and prove they knew what they were doing from the beginning, there should actually be some truth backing up those statements. And there really wasn't.

There are no flashes sideways, backwards, or forwards. This takes place a millenium ago on the Island when a pregnant woman speaking Latin washes up on shore. Allison Janney, looking very like Danielle Rousseau actually, helps her into a familiar set of caves. After telling her that they are alone on the Island, the woman (Claudia) starts giving birth. Her baby Jacob arrives and is looking fairly caucasion for having an Italian-looking mother. Then there's a surprise: a twin brother! He of course gets no name because the LOST writers think it is hilarious to have the smoke monster nameless. This is okay, really, because it's one little 'what?' in a whole lot of 'what?' Then Allison Janney clubs Claudia's head in with a rock. Well this is an auspicious beginning to her character.

Time passes and Jacob and Nameless are little boys. Jacob is that blond haired child the smoke monster kept seeing in the woods. His brother finds a game and he starts setting it up. Jacob can't lie to save his life, and his Mother scolds him for it, but then she laughs with Nameless about what an honest little tool Jacob is. Poor Jacob. She clearly prefers the more ambitious and complicated of the two boys. One day they see men in the forest, and she tells them that men kill and maim and are generally destructive, something Nameless repeats someday as Smokey. She shows the boys a random hole in the middle of the Island with shining light coming out of it, and says they have to protect that. When Nameless keeps asking questions, she basically tells him to stop asking questions because he'll only have more of them when she answers. That is a not-so-subtle jab at the audience for constantly asking the writers questions. Ha ha ha. We get it. You're never going to tell us. Thanks for that.

Eventually Nameless sees the ghost of his mother (so wait, the ghosts were always on the Island? Is this another smoke monster?) and she takes him to a village of humans. Then she tells him everything and he is understandably mad at his "Mother." He asks Jacob to go with him, but Jacob's the good son even though mommy doesn't love him enough (oh Jack and him have so much in commo) and refuses to go. Thirty years later, we see the Jacob and Nameless/MiB we've seen before, and they play their game together amiably enough. Nameless is not impressed with humans, but he wants to use them to get off the damn Island. Poor Nameless. It's never going to happen, buddy. Eventually Jacob tattles to Mommy and she comes down to see that they've made a well. Nameless is digging into a pocket of their special light that has no actual definition, and he's going to set up a wheel to it. Of course he doesn't explain how anyone came up with the idea that turning the wheel would power any of the light to do anything at all, or how he was told that would get him off the Island, or why it ends up with him in Tunisia. Obviously none of these things matter.

Mother bashes Nameless' head into the wall after he hugs her all nicely, so you know she's going to have to die. She quickly runs off to make Jacob the new guardian of the Island. He whines and gives his own Jears (Jacob-Tears) and says she loves the other brother better, but she makes him drink some wine. Then apparently he's a guardian too. Okay. But who made the guardians and who set down these rules and what are they protecting again? Nothing? Sorry to ask. Mother knows that Nameless is going to kill her so she sends Jacob to get firewood, and then true enough he stabs her with the special dagger that they keep trying to get people to stab one another with. Does that mean anything? Is the dagger special before it hit her or after? Oops, questions again, sorry about that. She dies and even thanks him, and then Jacob shows up and is like rawwwwwwr, Jacob Angry!

Mother told him earlier that walking into the beautiful light would be 'worse than death.' With no explanation of why or what that even meant, of course. So Jacob throws Nameless into it. Out comes bursting black smoke, thus the birth of Smokey. But Nameless' corpse is found and placed with Mother's, because Smokey doesn't need a physical form, and it turns out they're Adam and Eve. Except didn't Jack say Adam and Eve were only on the Island for 40-50 years judging by their clothes? Time does move strangely on the Island, so it's possible only that much time has passed, although it's already passed fairly long for Richard and the Others. And this is why they said the episode proves they planned it from the beginning? Because honestly they could've tacked any two characters as Adam and Eve and it could've worked into the story however they wanted to.

There's no explanation for what the light is, what the smoke monster is other than a creature made from the light, or why he's apparently pure evil and has to stay on the Island. Mother did say that the light cannot be released from the Island otherwise 'all the light in the world would go out.' So is the smoke monster now the light in corporal form, and that's why it can't leave? Is it really Nameless or does it just inhabit Nameless' form to annoy Jacob? Did they really answer anything big or new in this episode? Not really. Is it frustrating this close to the end of the show? Kind of. It's not a bad episode. The acting is great and it was interesting to see the Island beforehand, but there was no indication where it came from or how people got on the Island or why Mother was there to begin with. These might be things we never learn, and while I can accept that, I think fans should be allowed to pout a little about it. Also, if this had been earlier in the season it would've been a really nice background episode, but instead there are only two episodes left. We're getting impatient.

Or maybe we'll all be surprised and in the last three and a half hours of LOST more will be delved into about all of this. One can only hope.

LOST is on ABC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.