This might be the most difficult thing I've ever written, and I can't even figure out how to get started. LOST has changed television, and if you don't believe that, you don't understand what an incredible show it was. Even haters can realize that with its original plotline and encouragement of science fiction in a major network, it opened doors for shows outside of the box to maybe be taken more seriously than they used to. It was a community show, one that encouraged the millions of fans to think and discuss and speculate together in a way that had never been seen. It decided to cancel itself, and ABC let it, which was never really heard of in such a popular money making show, especially not after only six seasons. They made their own rules, and we just had to abide by them. So here it is, the end.

On the Island, Jack is the new Jacob and he seems to be fitting in with the role well by not really knowing what he's doing. It's mostly guess work, and Jack is king of that. He says they have to head to the light, and Sawyer runs off to check on Desmond. He runs into smoke monster and Ben, and Smokey finds out that the candidate has been chosen. He knows where Des is, though. Rose and Bernard have been on the Island in their happy little world with Vincent, but they got involved because no one can leave Desmond in a well dying. He's a special snowflake. Smokey comes in and threatens them, so Des leaves without complaint and agrees to help. Ben is not too happy that the Island is going to be destroyed, but he's along for the ride too. Where else does he have to go?

Jack and Smokey meet right before they hit the bamboo. Jack says he wants to go together to the light, and that he's going to kill Smokey. Smokey laughs in his face and agrees. They get to the tunnel and lower Desmond down. Des walks into a stream of light and literally pulls a damn cork out of the ground. Seriously? A cork? Ha, okay. At this point you just have to accept it, alright? However, things start to get serious very fast since it lets all the light out, and the Island starts dying. Smokey is delighted and runs off, but not before Jack punches him and sees him bleed. So the light had to go out for Smokey to become mortal! Now that works.

Smokey's going after his boat. Ben saves Hurley by pushing him out of the way of a tree, but they manage to save the redeemed weasel. Jack and Smokey have an epic battle on top of the mountains where Smokey had all the ladders going down to Jacob's cage. This is actually a really well done scene where they beat the snot out of each other, and then Smokey stabs Jack. It's definitely a mortal wound, and as he's about to finish the job, Kate shows up and shoots the mofo. Woo! It's funny because he told her earlier to save her bullets, and she did. In your face, arrogant smoke monster. He's still insisting he won until the last minute, and Jack kicks him off the cliff. Smokey is finally, completely dead. But they've still got worries since the Island is about to die.

Guess what! Frank is alive! He's found by Miles and Richard as they head off to get the plane, and he tells them they're stupid; they should just fly away! Frank, always the voice of reason. Good to have you alive, buddy. So now they have to get to the plane in time to fly away, but Jack can't go. He has to try and fix the Island. Hurley and Ben agree to stay with him, while Sawyer and Kate go back to the plane. Kate kisses Jack first and says she loves him, and he loves her. You happy now, Jate fans?

Before Jack goes into the cave, he makes Hurley the new candidate. This was the best moment honestly, because Hurley is the voice of the audience and he's been the sweetest, kindest person on the show from the beginning. If anyone had the heart to defend the Island and not go power hungry, it would be Hugo "Hurley" Reyes. Jack knows that at the end. Then he goes into the cave and puts the light back in, but not before saving Desmond who is still alive. Jack lies at the bottom as the light surrounds him and laughs. Hurley cries because Jack is dead, and Ben tries to cheer him up. He seems confident Hurley will be an excellent Jacob, and that he can make his own rules now, first of all by sending Desmond home. Hurley asks Ben to help him and be his second in command, his Richard. Ben Linus, who has always wanted to be special and chosen, looks like he's going to cry as he agrees.

Kate manages to convince Claire that she can learn how to be a non-crazy mother, and they manage to get on the plane. The last real survivors of this show: Richard, Miles, Frank, Sawyer, Kate, and Claire. With Hurley and Ben on the Island. Wow.

Now let's get into the Sideways world. Which is just as convoluted. Desmond has orchestrated everything so the entire cast will be triggered into remembering the Island. Hurley brings Sayid to meet Shannon, and Maggie Grace looks lovely. They have a beautiful memory moment and embrace, and Boone reveals he's remembered and was working with Hurley for this. Sun and Jin remember when their doctor comes in, Juliet (who is David's mother and Jack's ex-wife, yo! So saw that coming), and starts to look at the baby. Sun flashes to the last time Juliet did this, and Jin to the first time they saw they darling Ji Yeon. They both start to cry and can speak perfect English again, which confuses Juliet. She almost runs into Officer James Ford when he comes by to check on Sun, but it's not time yet.

Hurley gives the most incredible look of joy when he sees Charlie for the first time, and then he tranqs him and brings him to the concert. At the concert, Kate and Claire are confused to see one another, but not unhappy. Eloise snaps at Desmond for doing all of this, but he says he will not be taking her son away from her. Charlie and Claire see one another, and she walks to the bathroom and goes into labor. That girl will never get to have a baby in a hospital, poor thing. Kate helps her give birth and they both flash on when it happened on the Island. Charlie comes in and he flashes too, and what is probably the most emotional of all flashes happens when Charlie and Claire are finally reunited. With Aaron too. Everyone's crying. I'm crying. Damn you LOST.

Jack fixes Locke and when he wiggles his toe he finally flashes to the Island himself, but not Jack. Jack is actually the last one left, because Officer James Ford meets Juliet at the vending machine. They touch hands, say they should get coffee, and then remember. They kiss, and the world cries again. Stop crying! Jack is the only one left, and he goes to the concert too late, but  Kate gets him to almost flash. He agrees to go with her to the church where his father's body is currently, we saw that earlier with Kate and Desmond, and he has to choose to go in. Meanwhile we've seen a few people go in, and Ben is sitting quietly outside. He apologizes to Locke for killing him, and Locke forgives him, and then walks inside. Hurley asks Ben to come in, but Ben says he's staying. They tell each other they've been a good #1 and #2. Oh so sweet.

Jack sees the coffin of his father, but it is empty, because the sideways world is Limbo, everyone. Limbo. Purgatory. The Elysian Fields. Heaven of a kind. Call it what you want, honestly. There's a window in the church with the symbols of all the major religions, and this finale calls on several of them for its ending. Christian says there is no here and now, and that they're all dead basically, but they died at different times. Jack died on the Island, but since Claire and Kate and them got off, it was probably years before they died too. Hurley and Ben could've lived for thousands of years. They build that world with their memories together, so they could find one another, and now it was time to move on. To where? That's up to you. Reincarnation? A higher plane of existence? It's not answered because as always LOST just wants you to decide. The characters all reunite and hug and sit in the church, ready to move on, as Christian Shephard opens the door and the light covers them.

At the same time, Jack Shephard awakens on the Island, dying, and finds himself in the bamboo patch he woke up in once upon a time. He watches as a plane flies away overhead and smiles. Vincent the dog, his first friend on the Island, trots over and lies down next to him. He doesn't have to die alone. The final shot is of his eye closing, and that's the end.

I could go on for pages about what this means. It will probably be treated differently by different fans. Some people will surely be disappointed they did not get their answers. Thousands are left undone. But personally this was a fitting end to the show, because it's always been about the characters at the end of the day. We got intrigued by the mysteries, but we stayed for the people. And even if I hated them at times, I wanted to see where they ended up, and there is something very satisfying and painful and wonderful about their end. It also was wonderful that all the actors chose to come back to honor this show together. Surely not all the fans will feel the same, and they should feel free to rage about it. Hopefully looking back on this show it will stand up against the test of time and still feel like one of the best shows ever made. And it was. Thank you for the ride, LOST.

See you in another life, brother!