It's time for the second episode of the "LOST" 'The Final Season' premiere. Did everyone get their Advil and a drink? Good. So previously there were two parallel universes going on, one where we're back on Oceanic 815 and everyone's alive and it never crashed. The other one where it's modern day and they're back on the Island and they think the bomb didn't work. Juliet's dead (again), the team is headed to the mysterious Temple to save Sayid, and Smockey (the Smoke Monster/Fake Locke) is chilling in the statue with Ben.

Let's stay on the Island for now because this is where super crazy stuff is going on. Sawyer and Miles stay to bury Juliet's body, and Sawyer makes Miles 'talk' to her spirit. All he says is "it worked" which makes no sense to anyone. She was talking strangely at the end there, so maybe she was in both worlds at once? Interesting. Everyone else is at the Temple and they get kidnapped by the Others, and brought to a real Temple. It's a gorgeous set, one of the most beautiful they've done on the show, and the team is led by a Japanese man who refuses to speak English. He plans on murdering them all, even after Cindy the Stewardess tries to save them - until Hurley says Jacob sent them. We finally see what is in Hurley's guitar case - a giant Ankh - and inside it is a letter from Jacob. Once they all say their names (another of Jacob's list things), they are allowed to live and Sayid is brought inside to be saved...

...Which apparently means drowning him, because that's what they do. They put him in this special water which is supposed to heal him, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. Everyone's horrified to find that Sayid is most definitely dead, and Jack's officially headed toward suicidal territory at this point. Sawyer and Miles are brought in. Hurley lets them know that Jacob is dead and everyone gets panicked, running around and getting prepared for Smockey to come. We go back to Smockey and Ben, and he talks about how sad Locke's life was and how Locke never wanted to go home. But that's all Smockey wants to do. Whaaaat! (Smockey is awesome, btw.) Very dry witted for a cloud of smoke. He wanders outside, mentions something about chains to Richard, who looks really scared, and then beats up Richard. He then picks up the unconscious body and walks away.

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Alright now over to parallel world where everyone has gotten off the plane. Kate is still in custody so she immediately plans to break out using Jack's pen. She does manage to knock out the Marshal and run, even though she is sort of caught and everyone's looking for her. She is aided by Sawyer and manages to jump into a random cab just in time, ordering them to go with a gun to the driver's head. Who is in the car with her? Claire!!!!!! Oh it's been so long! Is she still pregnant? We couldn't see. Meanwhile the airport has lost Jack's dad. Yeah. Haha. Christian decided he preferred his body on the Island, I guess.

Jack's like 'I hate my life' and Locke talks to him because they lost his bag. They're very sweet and this feels so much like season one, when everyone was sweeter to one another. Oh and Jin and Sun are still unhappy with each other and she refuses to admit she speaks English. Jin is brought into airport security because he has lots of money in his bag, and she won't speak up for him. Ruh roh.

Oh, and Sayid? Totally alive. He stands up in the end at the temple and asks what is happening. If only we know, Sayid, if only we knew.

Amazing start to an amazing final season. It's exactly what the fans wanted, and it has full momentum on its side. "LOST," we're going to miss you, but we're happy you're back all the same!

"LOST" is on ABC Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.

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Story by Chelsea Doyle
Starpulse contributing writer

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