The most anticipated television return has finally come and gone: "LOST" is back! On a personal note, my Facebook friends page and Twitter went wild with people screaming about "LOST" for the entire day, and that's how it should be. This is such an interactive show, with the fans all excitedly making parties and discussing for hours what everything really means. The "Lost Experience" proved how fanatic the viewers were to take clues and run with them, and no matter how much "LOST" abuses us with more questions and confusion, there's an addictive quality that cannot be denied. This is the last season. It's make it or break it time!

Last season on "LOST" the gang decided to set off a bomb, because they were told by Daniel Faraday (RIP) that they could change the future. If they set off the bomb, they'd never have landed on the Island and everything would be fixed. Naturally most of them wanted that, so the show ended on Juliet slamming the bomb open with a rock. So the premiere episode 'LA X' opens with Jack and everyone else from Oceanic 815 on the plane still. They don't waste any time in blowing our minds, because it's the same moment from the pilot where Jack and Rose talk as the plane starts to shake. Only this time ... nothing happens and it calms down. They're safe. And the camera whooshes down to the water and underneath where everyone can see the beloved Island, including the Dharma village and the Dharma shark and the four-toed statue, all under water! Whaaaaat!

Then it starts again, but this time everyone is on the Island. I know. Double what! Kate wakes up and can't hear anything, so she goes down and finds Miles. Then Sawyer and Jack are lying unconscious nearby. But Jack's on the plane! Damn you, "LOST!" Already we need to reach for the Tylenol. Anyway, the episode then branches into two different story lines: the one where the plane survived, and the one where everyone is still on the Island. This continues into the second episode, so it might be how the rest of the season goes.

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On the Island, Sawyer is beating Jack up because Juliet is dead and apparently what they did never worked. They're all angry and screaming until they hear Juliet crying, and everyone rushes to pull out everything in the hole that they can. They need the van, where Hurley and Sayid are. Jin runs back and forth between the two. Hurley sees Jacob, who tells him sadly that he's dead, and that Sayid can likely be saved if he goes to the Temple that Jin knows about. Once they pull the wreckage off Juliet, just so Sawyer can say goodbye before she dies AGAIN (mean!), and everyone's pretty sad about it. Because Juliet was awesome. Damn you Elizabeth Mitchell for getting another job.

Also on the Island, there's Fake Locke and Ben. Ben's like 'wtf, I just saw Jacob die and disappear into the fire.' And Fake Locke is like 'go get Richard and bring him in here' all ominously. Ben goes out and tries to do creepy lying eyes at Richard, but he's not buying it since he's seen Locke's body now. Some of Jacob's guards go in to kill Fake Locke, and he reveals himself to be the Smoke Monster. I have decided he will now be Smockey from now on, a combination of Smokey and Locke. You've met someone scarier than you Ben, rejoice!

Finally in the alternate world where everyone is alive and well, there are cameos galore that make all "LOST" fans squeak with delight. Even Frogurt is embraced with love. Ian Somerhalder comes over from "The Vampire Diaries" to play Boone again, and he talks with Locke. They have an adorable exchange and it reminds everyone how they were best buddies before Boone died horribly. Heartache! Kate is still in custody and steals a pen from Jack. Charlie almost dies by stuffing his drugs down his throat, but Jack manages to save him (again!) and he's like 'yo, I was supposed to die.' Which is interesting. Desmond sits down next to Jack for some reason and then disappears, no idea where he went, and Hurley says he's the luckiest man alive. What is this parallel world!

So that's the first hour of the best show on television, and again they answer a few things and create about two thousand new questions to drive the fans mad. It's easy to accept this ... for now ... because it's the last season. Answers better be forthcoming, or ABC may be stormed with pitchforks!

Next up: Part II of the recap...

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