Los Lobos embody East L.A.'s cultural diversity with an ever-changing mix of traditional Mexican music, Tex-Mex, and roots rock. On Valentine's Day, Rhino Records salutes the band with corazón with the group's first single-disc hits collection. "Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" is available February 14.

"Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" contains more than an hour of wildly eclectic music by David Hidalgo on vocals/guitar/accordion, Conrad Lozano on bass/vocals, Louie Pérez on drums/guitar, Cesar Rosas on guitar/bajo sexto/vocals, and Steve Berlin on saxophone/keyboards. The album features 20 of the band's most beloved songs spanning nearly two decades and includes the previously unreleased track, "Border Town Girl," recorded during the sessions for "Neighborhood."

Arranged chronologically, the collection kicks off with "Let's Say Goodnight" and the Grammy©-winning "Anselma," a pair of tracks from the band's 1983 EP "...And A Time To Dance." "Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" features five selections from Los Lobos' first full-length album "How Will The Wolf Survive?" including the title-track, "Don't Worry Baby," "A Matter Of Time," "Corrido #1," and "Evangeline." More than 100 critics cited the album as one of the best of 1984.

Three years later, Los Lobos found mainstream success to match their critical acclaim on the soundtrack to "La Bamba." The title track to the Ritchie Valens biopic became a #1 hit for Los Lobos, and its follow-up single, "Come On, Let's Go" made the Top 40. The band also reached out to new audiences in 1987 with the moody "By The Light Of The Moon," represented here by "One Time One Night," "Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)," and "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes." Also included on "Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" is a live version of the Mexican classic "Volver Volver" recorded in 1987. "Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" is rounded out with selections from the band's "La Pistola Y El Corazón" (1988), The "Neighborhood" (1990), "Kiko" (1992), "This Time" (1999), and "Good Morning Aztlán" (2002).

"Wolf Tracks: The Best Of Los Lobos" Track Listing

1. "Let's Say Goodnight"
2. "Anselma"
3. "Don't Worry Baby"
4. "A Matter Of Time"
5. "Corrido #1"
6. "Evangeline"
7. "Will The Wolf Survive?"
8. "One Time One Night"
9. "Shakin' Shakin' Shakes"
10. "Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)"
11. "Come On, Let's Go"
12. "La Bamba"
13. "Volver Volver" Live 1987
14. "La Pistola Y El Corazon"
15. "Jenny's Got A Pony"
16. "That Train Don't Stop Here"
17. "Kiko & The Lavender Moon"
18. "Oh Yeah"
19. "Good Morning Aztlan"
20. "Border Town Girl"

*Previously Unreleased