The live performances have finally begun on “The X Factor” but it is not yet time for the fans to have their say in who will be eliminated.  After the 16 acts perform the judges will eliminate four singers on Thursday’s show; taking the 16 down to 12.

Among the changes for the live shows were the introduction of season two co-hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez.  Judge Demi Lovato and contestant Cece Frey are sporting new hair colors – Demi is now a brunette and Cece is now a blonde.

The theme for week one’s performances were “Made in America”.

Paige Thomas opened the show donned in a skin tight body suit and a spiked headpiece.  The judges called the performance outrageous, a dramatic opening, and an amazing way to open the show.

The judges called Arin Ray’s performance of “Keep Me Hanging On” creative and genius but a bit stiff.  There was an annoying noise throughout the performance.

David Correy’s performance was called amazing with an interesting song choice but a bit manic

The judges called the sibling group Sister C’s performance interesting, fantastic and a unique sound but a bit stiff.

Jannel Garcia gave a performance that was called stunning and amazing.  Britney said she rocked it out, Simon said Jannel defined the theme “Made in America”, and she gave Demi chills.

For Diamond White the judges felt her performance was really strong with a great song choice and Simon noted that she has made a massive improvement since they had last seen her.

The judges called Vino Alan’s performance good but boring but a bad song choice.

Hip-Hoppers Lyric 145 earned mix reviews from the judges that nearly escalated into a fight with LA saying they sounded like their soul was gone and Simon calling them sensational.

While the judges thought Cece Frey’s performance was strong and entertaining pop star performance, they all agreed that her vocals were lacking.

Britney was wowed by Tate Stevens’ performance but Simon didn’t like the song choice.

Beatrice Miller impressed the judges but Simon noted some pitch issues.

LA calls his singer Jason Brock Mr. Entertainment but after tonight’s performances the judges questioned the song choice.  Simon called the performance utterly horrendous.

The solo girls formed into a group were known as the Lilas but have since changed their name to 1432.  The judges were mixed with Simon saying the girls were fantastic but LA called them karaoke and Demi felt only one of the girls shined.

Simon didn’t get Willie Jones’ performance but the other judges felt his performance was entertaining.

Her first night on the job as a co-host and Khloe has already goofed; putting the judges on the spot and in uncomfortable positions by challenging them on their comments.

Carly Rose Sonenclar has dropped her last name and is going simply by Carly Rose.  While the judges agreed Carly has a beautiful voice, they questioned the song choice and were concerned about her future.  Simon said it would be criminal if she was eliminated.

The final performance of the night was from Emblem3.  The judges all agreed that the boys were amazing and impressive.  Demi can’t look at the boys because she swoons every time she sees them.  Simon said to remeber the night because they were looking at future superstars.

This week’s Thursday results show will feature the judges making the eliminations with four going home.