Perhaps the least hyped, most yawn-inducing Academy Awards ceremony in history is upon us -- we aren't going to sugarcoat it, folks. Could they at least move the Best Supporting Actor award until last? At least build some kind of suspense for casual viewers? Is it too late to call Jon Stewart? The good news: at 8:30 PM EST our own Mike Ryan will be live blogging the entire thing. Join him live tonight as he tries to make it through the entire ceremony alive; feel free to ask questions and interact in the comments, we will be checking them.

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Live Blog Start Time is 8:30pm EST:

11:56PM - Well, I've been blogging for almost five hours so I can't wait to not be in front of a computer. Thanks again everyone! And you know what: Hugh Jackman wasn't that bad. Goodnight everybody!!!

11:54PM - Thanks VivianCostello!

11:53PM - And it's official! "Slumdog Millionaire" is your Best Picture of 2008. Meh, at least "The Reader" didn't win.

11:52PM - Thanks toz!

11:52PM - It's a Slumdog night. I can't see it losing.

11:51PM - @wishmewell: I know, why are they doing that?

11:51PM - Thanks Dee!

11:50PM - I swear, if "The Reader" wins I will throw my computer out of the window.

11:49PM - And seriously, before the last award, thanks to everyone who came out tonight for this live blog. Trust me, I would have *never* made it through without you guys.

11:48PM - Finally! The last Oscar of the night. Is there any doubt it's "Slumdog Millionaire"?

11:47PM - Class by Penn to mention Rourke. rpa1973, you were right.

11:45PM - How much more fun would we all be having right now if Mickey had won?

11:44PM - OK, Penn's line was funny.

11:44PM - I picked Penn but God I wanted Mickey.

11:43PM - Here we go!!!

11:42PM - Ghandi presents Mickey!!!

11:42PM - MICKEY!!!

11:41PM - Ah yes, the "Meet Joe Black" reunion.

11:41PM - I love Richard Jenkins. He won't win, but I am glad Jesus came back to honor him.

11:39PM - DeNiro with the big laugh.

11:39PM - I need this!

11:39PM - We need this!

11:39PM - Come on. Mickey!!! Penn was great but Mickey needs this.

11:38PM - Michael Douglas looks good.

11:38PM - nice, I should say.

11:37PM - This is a nive fivesom.

11:37PM - @Billy Chapel: Leaving Las Vegas

11:36PM - OK. This is it. Please, please please ... I want to see Mickey thank his dog!

11:34PM - OK, the whistle was cute.

11:33PM - You know: I love her in Eternal Sunshine. I'm going to pretend she won for that, not the Nazi who JUST COULDN'T READ...

11:32PM - Kate!

11:31PM - @Billy Chapel: Yeah, I saw that right after I posted.

11:30PM - You know what? I kind of home Meryl wins. It will be a much more fun speech, no?

11:30PM - I need to see this Melissa Leo movie, I've heard nice things.

11:28PM - Is Anne Hathaway taking the Pledge of Allegiance?

11:26PM - Could they spare the theatrics and just give Kate her award.

11:25PM - @wishmewell: Yep, you said it.

11:23PM - Mickey is coming up. Oh please, please, please let it be Mickey!!!!

11:22PM - I added "Danny Boyle" at the last second to the sentence below, but did not change the "is" to an "are." (Mike takes a bow).

11:21PM - And no surprises. Danny Boyle and Slumdog is cleaning up.

11:20PM - Danny Boyle, come get your award.

11:19PM - Here we go, the big ones ... finally. Best Director.

11:18PM - @VivianCostello: Paul Newman, by far.

11:18PM - @Dee Doyle: Heath was in last year's montage actually.

11:17PM - @VivianCostello: Yep, Ricardo Montalban was Kahn.

11:16PM - @Billy Chapel: Nice job on Scheider.

11:15PM - Newman, damn. Love him.

11:15PM - I love Sydney

11:14PM - Brooks was here...

11:14PM - KAHN!!!!!!!!!!

11:13PM - Heath may be back next year for "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," who knows?

11:12PM - Then again, Heath Ledger was on last year's death montage and he just won an Oscar. There's still hope for everyone on this list!

11:11PM - The death montage. This is always hard.

11:10PM - @toz: well, it is his second, possibly third language. Better than I could do. Though, he sounded a bit like Russell in Almost Famous, "I dig music ... I'M ON DRUGS!!"

11:07PM - Well. That was a surprise.

11:06PM - OK, apparently the Best Foreign Language Film comes down to "Waltz with Bashir" and "The Class." I have seen neither. "Let the right one in" should be here. Regardless, I have no idea.

11:01PM - I like those odds. It is a "Slumdog" night.

11:01PM - I have a 66.6% chance

11:01PM - I feel a Slumdog win on this one.

11:00PM - @Rob: HA! I just announced your comment to the party I am at. It got laughs. New comment of the night so far!

10:58PM - @Dee Doyle: But they only nominated three? Why not five like usual?

10:58PM - I just need to make it to Mickey. Mickey. I can make it!

10:56PM - I'm going to cut and paste: Regardless, this should be Bruce's award. Can anyone tell me what happened there?

10:55PM - @toz: Alicia Keys

10:54PM - My Bruce outrage gets to live again for another few minutes.

10:54PM - OK, this was original score. Sorry for the confusion.

10:54PM - Hey ladies: Zack Efron!

10:53PM - @lcinDC: I know! What happened to the Jackman from the opening that I fell in love with ... err ... liked a lot I should say.

10:52PM - Regardless, this should be Bruce's award. Can anyone tell me what happened there?

10:51PM - This pisses me off. They asked Peter Gabriel to perform, but keep it under 65 seconds. Of course he said "Thanks, but no thanks."

10:46PM - Short and sweet. Class Act.

10:45PM - Long overdue.

10:44PM - Jerry looks, well, OK. Right?

10:44PM - WHAT ELSE DID THIS MAN HAVE TO DO? Christ, Charlton Hestin won in 1977. Really? And Mister MS has to wait until 2009?

10:42PM - OK, Jerry Lewis is winning the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award. WHAT TOOK SO LONG?

10:42PM - @toz: it's pretty split between Rourke and Penn.

10:38PM - OK, as long as Mickey wins this entire night is worth it. I need me some Rourke speech!

10:35PM - Film Editing: Nope, "Slumdog" takes a commanding four Oscar lead.

10:35PM - OK, Here we go. TDK is going to catch up to Slumdog!

10:33PM - @Rob: I heard Oscar buzz early. Then agian, it was probably coming from aintitcoolnews.

10:33PM - @wishmewell: Ha!

10:32PM - Damn. Well, you know banks are not in great shape right now anyway. "Slumdog" takes the Oscar lead.

10:31PM - Sound Mixing: The Dark Knight again. Take it to another bank (you can never be too careful).

10:30PM - Wanted: "Oscar Nominee"

10:29PM - Sound Editing; OK, this will be TDK. Take it to the bank.

10:28PM - @healthstudent: Was that a "Men in Black" joke?

10:27PM - @VivianCostello: Yes, they guy who walked between the Twin Towers.

10:26PM - Visual Effects. Hmm, I may have to go with Button on this but I am rooting for TDK.

10:26PM - "fans." Thank you Will Smith.

10:25PM - @wishmewell and Billy Chapel: You want to possiblt miss Mickey Rourke's profanity fueled speech?!?!

10:22PM - OK. Tom Cruise just made me laugh.

10:22PM - @rob who had a broken foot: Really? He was pretty outstanding.

10:20PM - @rpa1973: HA! So far that *might* be the comment of the night.

10:19PM - @Squints: OK, fine. Crazy French guy was great!

10:18PM - To live blog the Oscars: Lucky me!

10:17PM - Documentary short subject. Anyone? Any Nazis?

10:16PM - For anyone who did not see "Man on Wire," it really is fantastic.

10:15PM - Well... don't I look good.

10:13PM - The only documentary I saw was "Man on Wire" so I have to go with that.

10:12PM - @rpa1973: Yes. He had a ton of buzz before he died.

10:11PM - I'm a bit speechless.

10:10PM - How horrible would it be if the band started playing to rush them off?

10:09PM - Seriously, how tough is this for them?

10:08PM - His parents and sister. OK, I may tear up.

10:08PM - Who's coming up?

10:08PM - Heath!!!!

10:07PM - Here we go!!!

10:07PM - The suspense is killing me. Come on!

10:06PM - A speech from the heart from Cuba.

10:06PM - "Show me the envelope!"

10:05PM - OK, I may tear up if Ledger wins. It's been a year and it still sucks.

10:04PM - Heath! Heath!

10:03PM - Well, here we go. Time for Best Supporting Actor. Everyone get your tissues out.

10:02PM - I like how two people during the commercial break, on this website, "rated" a photo of Dolly Parton.

9:59PM - Hey: It's good to see Betty White in a movie again.

9:59PM - @Billy Chapel: actually, "Mamma Mia" did quite well.

9:55PM - I feel this is a good time for a bathroom break.

9:54PM - To be fair, I'm impressed it took me almost two hours before I could say that.

9:53PM - OK here is my earlier joke... Ladies and Gentleman: The 2008-2009 Tony Awards!

9:50PM - @Billy Chapel: "And the 2014 Oscar for Best Picture goes to: "The Ronnie Milsap Story."

9:49PM - I like how they just plugged "Stay tuned, Best Supporting Actor is coming up ..."

9:47PM - And... the Nazis win again.

9:47PM - I'm going for the one with the Nazi's

9:47PM - OK, in the comments. Anyone have an idea? I am lost on this one.

9:45PM - OK, James Franco watching James Franco make out with Sean Penn might have made my night.

9:43PM - "I like to have young boys have sex with Nazis." HA!!!

9:42PM - You know, "The Soloist" was supposed to come out in 2008 for awards season. I do wonder why it was bumped.

9:41PM - @Dee Doyle: There is no way Ledger isn't winning.

9:39PM - "Slumdog" and "Ben Button" are now tied for Oscars with two each.

9:36PM - Argh! Again, Slumdog is a nice enough film, but seriously?

9:35PM - Slumdog's steamroll continues.

9:34PM - OK, I think "TDK" wins this, yes?

9:33PM - @rcurry: That's a good question. We need Jack!

9:32PM - Ladies and Gentleman: A three week old joke.

9:31PM - @toz: that's a good point. A prize to anyone who finds out. (I am not sure I have the authority to offer prizes.)

9:30PM - @VivianCostello: Yes! I did!

9:27PM - You know what: I love montages. I could watch montages all night. I wish there was just a weekly show of montages set to cool music. I am being dead serious. Yes, I just called "Coldplay" cool.

9:25PM - @Billy Chapel: look for TDK to win editing and, of course, Best Supporting Actor.

9:24PM - OK, right now (and this wont last long) Ben Button is the big winner of the night with two awards!

9:24PM - OK, no surprise. Ben Button wins again.

9:23PM - I feel a hunch: Hellboy!

9:23PM - "But, SJP, you get to do three! You're the most important presenter of the night."

9:21PM - The Dutchess: Oscar Winner.

9:21PM - Well, The Dutchess gets an Oscar.

9:20PM - I think Ben Button takes Costume Design, too.

9:20PM - @zombiefightsshark: you are right, sir. I was mistaken.

9:19PM - Ladies and gentleman: your Art Direction winner: Michael Chiklis!

9:18PM - Well, Ben Button will not be shut out. I was not the biggest fan of this film, but, in the technical aspects, it was pretty good.

9:17PM - "oh"

9:17PM - "Art Direction"

9:17PM - "Really? Which one?!"

9:17PM - "Hey SJP, you get to give out an oscar"

9:16PM - I love Jackman tonight, but, he is almost, now, a little too polished. I miss the Jackman that opened this thing up.

9:15PM - @Bill Chapel: If I can make it, you can make it!

9:11PM - @toz: yes, seriously.

9:10PM - I'm guessing the winner was not the one with the bunny. I don't remember him being French.

9:09PM - Best Animated Short. OK, the only one I saw was the one with the rabbit that played before "Wall-E."

9:07PM - No surprise. Seriously, "Wall-E" should have been up for Best Picture. "The Reader"? Seriously?

9:06PM - Wall-E Is your winner

9:06PM - "The Clone Wars" is being shown in an Oscars montage? Ugh

9:05PM - Yes, it was nice to see Jenn and Angie in the same room. Not Awkward at all.

9:04PM - Wasn't Jack Black "Kung Fu Panda"? That joke did not go over well.

9:01PM - We are not in for a (completely) surprising night.

9:01PM - If Slumdog doesnt win we are in for a surprising night

9:00PM - Here is where the "Slumdog Millionaire" machine starts its roll.

8:59PM - OK, his speach was a bit touching. I must admit.

8:58PM - @lcinDC: So far all the schtick has been suprisingly solid.

8:57PM - Yep. Though, Milk was really good. No problem with this.

8:56PM - @Squints: I think this goes to Milk or In Bruges. Probably Milk, but I hope In Bruges.

8:55PM - Wow! A Scientology joke. Yes!

8:53PM - I. Love. Steve. Martin.

8:52PM - I mean: are they going to have five former sound editor winners wax poetically about the five sound editor nominees?

8:51PM - I have to say: I appreciate changing things up but, I really miss the clips intertwined with some bad jokes.

8:49PM - I can't believe she dated Tom Cruise

8:48PM - So much for the "leaked" Oscar list. That was debunked quickly.

8:48PM - And she might faint.

8:48PM - But, the favorite, Penelope Cruz takes it.

8:47PM - OK, I am rooting for Marissa

8:47PM - Seriously, no clips? I love the clips.

8:45PM - Yes, Whoopi with some "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" schtick.

8:45PM - Are they doing all the awards like this?

8:43PM - Lots of Standing o's tonight. Not sure why for this one.

8:41PM - You know, I have always wondered if Meryl Streep was on roids.

8:39PM - @Dee: Seriously, Jackman brough his A Game.

8:38PM - "I'm Wolverine!!!!" OK, yes. That was fantastic.

8:38PM - @boom3r: Yes! It is!

8:37PM - OK, this "The Reader" bit just made me laugh out lous.

8:37PM - See, I like Anne Hathaway better in these five minutes then I liked her in two hours of "Rachel Getting Married."

8:35PM - OK. I'm on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon.

8:34PM - I'm loving the recession theme.

8:33PM - OK, I was going to make a joke about this being the Tonys, but, this is actually kind of funny.

8:32PM - And a shot out against Bret and Jermaine

8:32PM - Huge Jackman is Australian?! (kidding)

8:31PM - Ladies and Gentleman: The 81st Annual Academy Awards!

8:29PM - @laurski: I think it comes down to campaigning more than "who you know" or performance. Unless, the performance is just so good. That's why I have some hope for Mickey tonight.

8:27PM - Hey: Only three more minutes to a, I'm sure masculine, Hugh Jackman intro.

8:25PM - @rpa1973: he did. He said it was for a role.

8:25PM - I do love Leslie Mann

8:21PM - You know: technically this live blog does not start for nine more minutes.

8:20PM - Hey: Our first montage of the night and it's about accountants!

8:18PM - @kreynolds: You just got dibbs.

8:18PM - @hema: you just did.

8:16PM - @Agent Smith: Yeah, I saw that. I really do think it is fake. That seems to happen every year. Remember Harry Knowles at Aintitcool a couple of years ago?

8:14PM - And with the last sentence I should point out: Once I misspell a word ... there is nothing I can do.

8:13PM - This is the second time I have seed Downey interviewd. Oh yeah, the channel switch.

8:12PM - @Guy Nacolojist: You make a good point: No domestic dispute charges yet tonight for anyone so, yeah, we have that going for us.

8:11PM - @Dee Doyle: And you're right: Ledger will be a big moment.

8:10PM - @Dee Doyle: Dee! You're here! Thanks for coming. Starpulse's own Dee Doyle everybody...

8:09PM - @rpa1973: You don't think that was a real question?

8:06PM - Does anyone else think these red carpet interviews are just, well ... awkward?

8:05PM - My other prediction is that Will Ferrel and some other guy will do a funny skit. Put it on the board.

8:04PM - @Squints: Prediction: (Even though I loved "Frost/Nixon") It will walk away empty handed.

8:03PM - @VivianCostello: Ha! Well, at least we agree on "Ben Button."

7:59PM - @squints: Well then, we have a winner: The Superbowl pregame is still longer. But only by three hours.

7:56PM - @VivianCostello: Kate Winslet is a Nazi Death Camp guard, but she can't read ... yes, very unfortunate about her illiteracy.

7:53PM - @squints: Can anyone give me a time today that the "E" coverage started?

7:52PM - @VivialCostello: You are far from the only one who thinks that. I think "Milk," "Frost/Nixon," "Revolutionary Road," "Wall-E," "The Wrestler" and "The Dark Knight" are *all* better than "Slumdog." Though, at least "Slumdog" is better than "The Reader."

7:48PM - @VivianCostello: Exactly!

7:45PM - And just to let people know: Once this think actually kicks off I will be amping up the posts.

7:44PM - @Squints: I'm telling you right now: "Slumdog" will win. Though, seriously, I agree with you.

7:39PM - @Billy Chapel: It's been on "E" all ... day ...

7:24PM - @Xies: Me?

7:12PM - Question to ponder while we wait for this thing to start: Longer pre-event shows: The Oscars or The Superbowl?

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