Steve Byrne cracks us up weekly on the politically incorrect TBS hit comedy series Sullivan & Son, which features an incredibly talented and ethnically diverse cast.  The series is loosely based on Steve’s own background and family, and co-stars a gang of his personal friends = the perfect recipe for some serious laughs!  So get ready to have some fun today in our live chat with Steve at 5:30 pm p/t! 

A successful comedian who has headlined his own specials, Byrne’s stand-up comedy is clever, smut-free and decidedly relatable to both a younger and older audience. Prior to landing his own TBS series, Byrne toured with Vince Vaughn on his Wild West Comedy Show. And Vaughn is actually an executive producer on Sullivan & Son. So Steve gets to work with his friends and Vince Vaugn .. must be a tough work environment :)

Join us in the live chat right here and catch Sullivan & Son Thursdays at 10/9c: