"Something in Your Eyes," David Martin’s self-produced debut album, reaches for and attains a lush romanticism that is utterly free of irony and self-consciousness, while offering elegant melodies, dramatic transitions and one memorable chorus hook after another. All of these virtues are dramatically apparent on "Something in Your Eyes", his first single.

Recall the classic hits of the ‘70s and ‘80s, presented by such craftsmen of the lost art as Billy Joel and Sting, and you realize that David Martin has picked up where these artists left off a quarter century ago. The company David keeps on the record is also testament to talent of this striking new artist. The album was mixed by Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz), and David surrounded himself with a group of A-list players including Neil Robins (Dirt Poor Robins) and distinct drummer Manu Katché (Sting, Peter Gabriel)..

"The coolest part of the recording process is that we all became great friends while making the record," David says. "That is what I love about music — it always comes back to relationships. My philosophy all along has been to pick the people I felt would provide the right vibe for the record and let them be who they are and do what they do. Everyone brought all they had and poured it out in the recording."

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David Martin Tour Dates:

Jan 23 2007 Blue Martini Orlando, Florida
Jan 24 2007 The Rutledge Nashville, Tennessee
Jan 25 2007 Vinyl Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 30 2007 Chez Nora Cincinnati, OH
Jan 31 2007 Little Brothers Columbus, Ohio
Feb 1 2007 Wilbert’s Cleveland, Ohio
Feb 6 2007 Grape Street Philadelphia, PA
Feb 7 2007 The Living Room New York, NY
Feb 8 2007 The Living Room Boston, MA
Feb 13 2007 The Blue Martini Birmingham/Detroit, MI
Feb 14 2007 Uncommon Ground Chicago, Illinois
Feb 15 2007 Birdy’s Indianapolis, IN
Feb 16 2007 Borders Books Milwaukee/Fox Point, WI
Feb 27 2007 Underground City Tavern Springfield, IL
Feb 28 2007 Phoenix Piano Bar & Grill Kansas City, MS
Mar 1 2007 Lucas School House Music Hall St. Louis, MS
Mar 6 – 10 2007 Body English Las Vegas, Nevada
Mar 20 2007 Trocaderos Minneapolis, MN

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