Former House star Lisa Edelstein bares all for a new PETA ad promoting vegetarianism called "Eat Green To Go Green."

"Eat your veggies to help stop cruelty to animals and save the environment one bite at a time," the ad reads; "For free eco-friendly and cruelty-free recipes, visit

"Vegetarianism is a really important part of what we need to do to help the environment," says Lisa, who lies naked on a bed of delicious-looking fresh greens and vegetables; "The meat industry is really toxic to the environment. The cattle industry—besides the fact that there's a lot of cruel things happening—the manure is extremely toxic."

"I like to encourage people to be a vegetarian once a week and then maybe twice a week," she adds, "because that makes such an enormous impact for the whole world that it's really valuable for everyone. So I'm just trying to push that campaign forward—with my body, apparently."

Check out Lisa's exclusive interview for PETA below, along with a slideshow of sexy celebrity PETA ads from the past.