Threshold Animation Studios and Lions Gate Family Entertainment are making a trip to the supermarket a superstar affair with the announcement of casting for several voice roles in their animated epic Foodfight! Joining previously announced cast members Hilary and Haylie Duff are Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Wayne Brady, Chris Kattan and Christopher Lloyd. The cast will give voice to the main characters in the feature that will include more than 15,000 characters in what may be the largest animated scene ever.

Foodfight! is scheduled for a Fall 2006 release and takes place in a supermarket that comes to life as a city unto itself. Sheen (Two and a Half Men, Platoon, Major League) will voice the lead role of Dex Dogtective. Longoria (Desperate Housewives) is Lady X, the leader of the villainous Brand X group. Brady (The Wayne Brady Show, Whose Line Is It?) is Daredevil Dan; Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi) Mr. Clipboard; and Kattan (Saturday Night Live, A Night at the Roxbury) Polar Penguin. They join Hillary and Haylie Duff (Material Girls) who provide the voices for Sunshine Goddess and Sweetcakes, respectively.

Utilizing a cast of thousands and myriad CG special effects powered by Threshold’s association with IBM, Foodfight! is a world unlike anything seen before. In addition to the unique characters developed for the story – and voiced by the cast of stars – the creators have acquired the rights to include nearly every consumer packaged goods company’s characters as the supermarket comes to life. Included are Mr. Clean, Charlie the Tuna, Twinkie the Kid and hundreds more, who take on the role of supporting background “actors” in the film.

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