Lindsay Lohan won't be prosecuted for allegedly hitting a psychic in a New York nightclub.

The 26-year-old actress - who was recently sentenced to 90 days in rehab - will not be prosecuted after a security camera outside the club captured Tiffany Mitchell falling and sustaining the same injuries she said were caused by Lindsay.

Tiffany's lawyer Gloria Allred told the New York Daily News: "Tiffany is very disappointed that the District Attorney has not decided to prosecute Lindsay Lohan as a result of the incident in New York. Tiffany had two witnesses who spoke to the District Attorney and corroborated what Tiffany alleged to have occurred."

However, Tiffany isn't planning to give up on prosecuting Lindsay completely. Gloria added: "Ms. Mitchell is considering all of her legal options in the civil justice system because of what she suffered that night."

Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller previously insisted they weren't worried about the case and even joked about the fortune-teller's skills, saying: "From my understanding, Lindsay was being approached by a fortune teller who sought to provide a reading to her and she politely said 'I don't want to participate' and declined."

"You would think if [Mitchell] was a fortune teller, she would have been able to see this happening in advance. But obviously her skills weren't that honed."