In a show with incredible performances, it can be hard to stand out. But stand out is what Lily Rabe did this season on American Horror Story: Asylum.

First, she played innocent and sweet Sister Mary Eunice. But early in the season, she become possessed by quite possibly the Devil himself. Suddenly, Rabe began owning scenes with her quiet anger, determination and just pure evil.

Rabe’s character unfortunately (though maybe not in Sister Mary Eunice’s mind) met her demise in a recent episode. Rabe recently participated in a conference call (similar to the Jessica Lange and Dylan McDermott ones) with reporters to discuss her role this season.

On her character’s early relationship with Sister Jude. “Even though Jessica’s Jude is very cruel to Eunice in the beginning … I always believed that that cruelty was coming out of a place of love and a place of sort of seeing Mary Eunice’s … potential and knowing that she wasn’t living it.”

On how much she enjoyed it when she got to play an evil character. “The murders were I don’t know if fun is the right word, but the murders were, it’s sort of a wild thrill to play to do things that are so—I’ve never, I’ve never had the opportunity to do such horrible, horrible things to people.”

On whether she knew her character’s fate early on. “I knew that she probably wouldn’t have a very happy ending, so I did have a sense and then sort of as we went along the specifics of how that was all going to happen became clearer as we went along … I think the death scene, the way [creator] Ryan [Murphy] and I really talked about it it’s really sort of an assisted suicide. Her situation really wasn’t survivable in the sense that even if they had done some sort of exorcism or something at that point, we sort of felt that whatever might be left of that girl was so damaged and destroyed and that death sort of became her only way out.”

On what she thought about Dr. Arden’s decision to commit suicide alongside her character’s cremation. “I think it seemed … completely sort of the perfect end to the very, very, very bizarre and complicated and dark love story of sorts. I think for him he really had loved her for so long and been so devoted to her; and I can’t speak for Jamie, but I feel like that was just maybe the last straw for him ... I think it is sort of her most heroic moment and also sort of her only, really her only choice at that point. But I think that, yeah, there is having taking Dr. Arden away with her is certainly not a bad thing for everybody else who is left alive, although there’s still a whole lot of stuff to work out and a lot of evil left around that’s for sure.”

On whether or not she’ll come back for the third season. “I have no idea. I can’t say a word. I’m so sorry. I know it’s such a boring interview sometimes with us at American Horror Story, so that I just can’t say a word.”