Lil Wayne has apologized for stepping on the American Flag while shooting his latest video, "God Bless Amerika," in Louisiana over the weekend.

Video from the shoot shows a U.S. flag being dropped to the ground and the rapper walking back and forth on it, which he says wasn't intended -- implying that the flag just happened to be in his way.

"I didn't step on the flag on purpose! It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it's just there as I perform," he wrote.

The singer isn't helping his cause though -- it appears that he looks directly down at the flag a couple times while walking back and forth on it. Maybe his eyes were closed.

"It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America," Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, Jr., added in a post on his Facebook page. "I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled "God Bless Amerika". The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America.

"In the final edit of the video you will see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it but will never see it on the ground," he adds.

Wayne goes on to explain what his new song is about in the post, saying that he has a different view of the country than people from "the Hood."

"In most people eyes including my own who were raised in that environment, the Hood is the only America they know and the only America I knew growing up," he says. "I was fortunate from my God giving talents to escape the Hood and see the other beautiful places this country has to offer but most people who are born in that environment don't get that chance. That's their view of their America. That was Dwayne M Carter from Hollygrove New Orleans view of America. That's who I'm speaking for in this song.

In addition to upsetting patriots across the country, the rapper has also broken the U.S. Flag Code, which says that the flag should never be allowed to touch the ground or disrespected in any way (i.e. walking on it).