It's a little jarring that Lie to Me ended its second season only a month ago, but circumstances picked up the new season early. You see, Lone Star was cancelled very, very quickly, and so FOX pushed up the premiere date. It wasn't supposed to be back until mid-November, but here it is, back to the slot right after House. In the finale of last season, the show was a bit shaken up by the brutal shooting of FBI Agent Ben Reynolds, and Torres and Loker hooked up but then split apart due to his promotion. Neither of those things are discussed in the premiere, which is annoying, and for some reason now Loker hates everyone. Um. Okay!

The premiere is about a bank robbery that Lightman figures out. He's at the bank and getting in trouble because the work funds are all frozen. Why? Because he hasn't written a book he promised, and he spent all the money, so the Lightman Group might be in trouble if he doesn't actually get work done. Foster froze their assets until he gets his butt in gear. While he's there, he sees a somber man and realizes he's planning a robbery. So Lightman goes undercover with the guy and his fellow robbers, pretending to be a former bank employee with a grudge. Cal stalks the bank robber to a diner and then to his bar, all to push him into letting them be a gang together.

Meanwhile Cal and the corrupt cop Sharon from before team up to learn about the robbers, and the main one that Cal met is Mike Salinger. He was in jail for assault and only recently got out after threatening a pregnant therapist to recommend his release. Nice guy, that one. It turns out that he wasn't so bad, except the bank took away his house, even though it was a clerical error and it destroyed his life. He's back to get revenge against the bank and find out who it was that made the mistake so they can suffer. On one hand, sucks to be him, on the other, not exactly a good enough reason to beat someone almost to death, threaten a pregnant woman, and then rob a bank with a giant shotgun. Just saying.

Loker is interviewing new grad students all day and telling them how much Cal sucks. It's like a therapy session basically, with him venting about his problems with Lightman. Cal seemed to indicate that Loker was looking for a new job, which is surprising since Loker just got a promotion last season. What? Torres is mostly background this time although she and Loker have an awkward scene together, and then Foster gets to nag Cal for most of it. It's a shame that they don't give these characters enough meaty storylines, because they are good when utilized properly. Cal is an interesting character, make no mistake, but he's also abrasive and annoying at times, so if he takes up 75% of the show, it can get grating.

The only mention made about Ben and the FBI is that they are no longer working with the FBI. There isn't a definite answer given about Ben's survival, which is infuriating since that was such a cliffhanger. The actor might not be on the show anymore, but his character isn't given any definite closure? Blah. Cal decides to befriend Sharon instead, so they'll be getting help from a dirty cop. Wonderful. Cal saves the day by going in with the robbers and then tries to stop Mike from shooting an innocent woman. The guy who messed up his house is revealed, and he apologizes to Mike's wife. Then Lightman is a total jerk to Foster. She froze their assets because Lightman puts them in a bad legal position, but he acts like she did the wrong thing. They're starting this season right out with everyone being mean and annoying, aren't they? What's up with that? Maybe it really needed another month before coming back.

Lie to Me is on FOX Monday nights at 9 PM EST.