It's getting a little old now to have the "Lightman falls for bad girl but is really playing her or is he being played" storyline. Especially since last week that exact storyline happened with the dirty cop. We get it. Lightman can be an idiot about women, and he has a fatal attraction to bad types. From now on we can assume that any woman he is attracted to will turn out to be evil in some way. It didn't exactly surprise the audience that Tricia Helfer was a con artist, since the previews for the episode indicated that as did the episode summary. So why spend half an episode trying to pretend she wasn't part of the robbery? For those of you wondering who Helfer is, she was in Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, and is currently on Dark Blue.

So right, there's a robbery at a museum, but the security guard catches them doing it and has to shoot them both dead. Very sad. The curator is furious because he had Torres scan all his employees beforehand, and if it's an inside job then she's in trouble. She spends the episode feeling very guilty about this. Lightman tells the curator to back off Torres and talks to the dying robber. He says that there is one item they were looking for and there is already a buyer. Then he dies. They're at the hospital and Lightman sees a beautiful woman sitting alone, looking scared about this creepy guy staring angrily at her. When he goes toward her, Lightman sits down instead and flirts with her. She buys him a cup of coffee and he gives her his card.

It's hard to tell if Lightman knew from the get go that she was a part of everything, but since he does admit later on that he got played, it seems no. Which is strange because it seemed glaringly obvious from the first second she was on the screen. Way to be blind, Lightman. Everyone's human, I guess. They're still trying to find out who robbed the place and investigate these two painters that came in beforehand. Torres wasn't told about them, so if it was them, she's in the clear. Luckily it is one, woo hoo. This angry guy who is a real painter was in on it from the inside. He admits that Naomi was a part of it, but not a part of the one that went sour.

Her boyfriend is a fellow thief, the one that keeps following her around, and wanted to get a profit. He's been stalking her and Lightman saves her from him. They make out a little, and he knows afterwards that she's playing him because it starts falling into place. He invites her to the gala opening, and they basically admit they know one another is aware of what's going on. She's apparently a 'robin hood' thief and is trying to get the stolen emerald back where it belongs. Ooookay? So it's Leverage! She still wants to try it out with Lightman, but he walks away instead. He admits to Foster that he knew what was going to happen and switched the emeralds. She's mad he didn't tell her beforehand, and he doesn't have a good explanation for why. Because he's a jerk, Foster. Isn't that a good reason? Are you surprised? This isn't anything new!

Torres and Lightman have some great scenes in this one, with him awkwardly trying to reassure her that everyone makes mistakes. He stood up for her when the curator was yelling too, which was nice. So his relationship with her is developing well at least, and he has been giving Loker more to do in the field. The only one who seems to be going downhill is Foster, and that could lead to some serious problems for Lightman since she's the one that always has his back no matter what. It's interesting though, could it be because he somewhat admitted he wanted her to her ex-boyfriend? She heard that, but they haven't brought it up again. Maybe he's putting distance between them on purpose. It's hard to tell, but he has treated her horribly this season so far. This could be a season long theme, so we'll see where it goes.

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