Leopold, Liberty Ross' brother, claims that his sister's husband's indiscretions went on for longer than the "single moment" Kristen Stewart admitted to. In fact, he says that the affair went on for months.

"It was from the last half of filming [Snow White and the Huntsman] and all through post-production, clear into last week," he told People. He also said that Liberty is better off without her husband, Rupert Sanders. "She made some sacrifices for something she thought was worth it, now she knows, right? Five minutes from her home.

"Doubt it was worth it but it’s life. It might actually make things better in the long run. She wasn’t that happy for a while, but our family is close, she’ll be all right."

The mag also claims that Robert Pattinson's friendship with Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin could have been a catalyst for Kristen Stewart. A source said, "She found it difficult to cope with Robert being close friends with another woman. As their friendship grew, she ­became more envious to the point that she would be very upset."