There is a plethora of evil wreaking havoc in the world. It's up to Honorable Judge Lewis Black, the ultimate evaluator of evil, to hear each case and give his official verdict. The second season of "Lewis Black's Root of All Evil" kicks off on Comedy Central this Wednesday, July 30 at 10:30 p.m. with Patton Oswalt and Andrew Daly prosecuting in the case of Ultimate Fighting vs. Bloggers. One will beat you into a coma and the other will blog about it with excessive self-righteousness.

"Lewis Black's Root of All Evil" pits pop culture topics against each other in an open debate setting. A rotating group of comedians take the stage and argue who or what is most evil with Black as the ultimate evaluator of evil. The second episode, Steroids vs. Boob Jobs debuts Wednesday, August 6 at 10:30 p.m. and features comedians Greg Giraldo and Andrew Daly. Future evil episodes include: Disney (Kathleen Madigan) vs. Scientology (Andy Kindler); Strip Clubs (Giraldo) vs. Sororities (Madigan); Olympic Games (Daly) vs. Drinking Games (Giraldo); Going Green (Giraldo) vs. Spring Break (Andrea Savage); NRA (Kindler) vs. PETA (Paul F. Tompkins); Red States (Tompkins) vs. Blue States (Patton Oswalt); Gen X (Tompkins) vs. Boomers (Daly); and "The Hills" (Jerry Minor) vs. Rocket Scientists (Tompkins).

Season Two starts off with Patton Oswalt and Andrew Daly debating the case of Bloggers vs. Ultimate Fighting:

The series is created and executive produced by Scott Carter ("Politically Incorrect," "Real Time with Bill Maher") and David Sacks (The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle) and features the following: a fiery monologue by Black introducing the topics; "Opening Statements" - the first opportunity comedians have to state their case; "Debate" - the comedians provide verbal and video evidence to bolster their case and try to debunk each other's theories; "Inquisition" - Black grills the comedians; "Ripple of Evil" - comedians predict the dire consequences that will ensue if their evil is left unchecked; "Closing Statements" - comedians hit their message home; "Final Verdict" - Black renders his decision.

Comedians serving as prosecutors on the show include Andrew Daly ("MADtv"), Greg Giraldo ("COMEDY CENTRAL Roasts") Andy Kindler ("Late Show with David Letterman"), Kathleen Madigan (judge on "Last Comic Standing"), Jerry Minor ("Lucky Louie"), Patton Oswalt ("Ratatouille," "King of Queens"), Andrea Savage ("Step Brothers") and Paul F. Tompkins ("Mr. Show with Bob and David").

Black, Carter and Sacks are the executive producers with Jo Anne Astrow and Mark Lonow as the co-executive producers. Zoe Friedman and Monika Zielinska serve as the executives in charge of production for COMEDY CENTRAL.