What Vampire Diaries fan wasn’t excited at the prospect of seeing Elena execute her inner-Katherine thanks to Damon turning off her humanity in the previous episode?

Of course, Elena’s inner-Katherine involved biting some cheerleader competitor… and stealing the ribbon in her hair.

OK, sure, Elena did try and kill Caroline and even hurt her mom, the Sheriff, but unless we see her actually succeed at any of this, will there have been any purpose to the storyline of her turning off her humanity?

Even Klaus has been neutered on the series at this point. The gang failed to “cure” him and he hasn’t exactly gotten over his brother’s death. But instead of, you know killing them, he focuses on sleeping with Hayley in this episode.

While they’ve got great chemistry, this does seem to just be setting the stage for why on Earth Hayley is going to join the spin-off. (We also learn she comes from a line of important werewolves, which could be an interesting idea. When we first saw her tattoo, I wondered if that meant she was some weird werewolf slash Five member, which would have been awesome.)

There were some parts of “Bring It On” that I did enjoy, even if the bad guys (Elena and Klaus) weren’t allowed to be bad guys.

Tyler clearly is gone from the show (for now) and left his house to Matt. That was a cool reveal when we discovered Caroline couldn’t enter it at first—with the deed being transferred to Matt, he had to re-invite her in. With Klaus leaving the show for the spin-off, who will Caroline be paired off with?

Some fellow fans (like my friend Laney) think I’m nuts, but I think the show is building to a Caroline/Stefan pairing. Think Pacey and Joey from season 3 of Dawson’s Creek. They have no idea they’re in love with each other—until they do.

Mark my words: totally happens in this year’s season finale, just as Elena comes to regain her humanity and realizes she’s still in love with Stefan. (Possibly as a human.)

The second storyline with vast potential is this idea that Damon had a… friend. Yes, a friend, outside of the ones he has now. The person who could lead them to Katherine – who’s got the cure – is a friend of Damon’s that he put out of his misery in this episode.

Damon decides to take a road trip to New York to learn more about what this friend was up to and drags Elena along for the ride. Sounds like we might get some flashbacks to Damon’s time in the Big Apple, but oddly, we don’t know where it fits into his overall timeline. For instance: is it before or after his time in New Orleans?

We’ll find out next week…

Other stray thoughts:

- So… what happened to April? Would be nice to know her reaction to Jeremy’s death.

- Do you think they’ve cast Silas yet? He’s up to something – stealing blood from the hospitals – but we still haven’t seen his actual face yet.

- Speaking of: Shane is definitely dead, in case they were as any doubt from last week. Good riddance. His character never really gelled with me.

- There is still vervaine in the water supply. Love that Bonnie’s father, the mayor, has big plans for tackling the vampires in town. Though it begs the question—why has no one from the Council tried this before?

- How old is Matt? Can he honestly leave by himself in Tyler’s big house… legally?