Lesson 1: Reel in brainy banter
Reason: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, not every fan of "Star Trek" enjoys spending their evenings contemplating whether mechanized beings have a consciousness over two hours of space sequences without dialogue. One of the beauties of "Star Trek" is that it's never shied away from tackling weighty subjects, but when the majority of a two hour film dedicates its time to stale speeches and awestruck stares, something has gone wrong. After all, it's Star Trek, not 2001. Many episodes of "Star Trek" prove that the show can be a capable medium for intellectual discourse, but when taken too seriously the franchise loses the charm that made it fun to begin with. Without the lizard men and space explosions, "Star Trek" can start to feel like an ethics class.

Judging by promotional material, it looks like Star Trek takes this advice to heart. With the fate of both Earth and Vulcan on the line, a plot concentrating on time travel and explosions aplenty, it seems Abrams' film trims the nerd fat in order to reach the good time that lies at Star Trek's core.

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