It's been over 40 years since Gene Roddenbury's "Star Trek" hit the air, and after ten movies, 703 episodes from five different series, and faltering public interest, it's become difficult to go back to where no one has gone before. Now, four years after "Enterprise" went of the air, the original crew of the starship Enterprise has burst back onto the screen. Directed by "Lost" and "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams, this new installment of the "Star Trek" saga goes back to the beginning when James T. Kirk first slipped on his yellow Starfleet uniform. Still, it hasn't been an easy path for the long running series, as venturing from the small screen led to some painful experiences.

Khan, Whales, Klingons, Borg. That's the mantra when it comes to picking the best "Star Trek" films. Each Trek film bears its lesson in terms of what makes "Star Trek" such a hit or miss franchise, especially in the first six films featuring the original crew. When looking back on Star Treks I-VI, the lessons in what needs to be done in order for "Star Trek" to please both fans and a wide audience become clear.

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