Leona Lewis is featured on the cover of the June issue of InStyle magazine, on newsstands in the UK today. Check out more gorgeous pics below!

In the issue, Leona talks about men - she's obsessed with "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner; being a diva, style and Simon Cowell.

Leona Lewis on being a diva
Though I knew she'd be sweet - getting a second bar of Green & Black's out of her bag when she realises she's scoffed the first one herself - there was a moment back there at the shoot where I thought she'd maybe become a diva.

I'd heard that her people had requested the rooms be kept at a certain temperature (25ºC), but it turns out it was actually just to do with protecting their investment in that valuable voice. And because she's a fairly hardcore vegetarian (with specific opinions on how her tofu should be cooked), there was also a request that no one eat meat in her presence. I was quite excited. Could it be that our little girl had grown up to be a bitch? I put it to her. She laughs, sort of shocked.

"I don't think I'm demanding!" she goes. "I think it's okay to ask how you want your food cooked. People just dramatise everything."

Leona Lewis on her relationship with Simon Cowell
"I'm very fiery and very passionate." Just ask Simon Cowell. Legend has it that he's even allowed Leona to say no to him. "We don't argue, we debate," she laughs about her relationship with Cowell, who always lets her have the last word.

She says that Cowell always supports her animal charities and has his fridge stocked with veggie goodies for when she comes round.

Leona Lewis on Men and Taylor Lautner
she's mates with Chace Crawford, has worked with the "very sexy" Justin Timberlake (who reportedly put off his 28th birthday celebrations to record their duet "Don't Let Me Down" until the early hours) and has a bit of a thing for Twilight's Taylor Lautner ("I was obsessed for a while"). If she's never been linked with any of them, it's because "the press know I'm in a serious relationship", she says.

Leona Lewis on her fashion and fashion range with Stella Mccartney
"I still love my big ballgowns with a kind of twist to them, but I also like Vivienne Westwood because she's kind of punky and does really nice shapes for ladies. I like Antonio Berardi because I like his shapes too. And William Tempest. And I like Stella McCartney because she's got a vegetarian range."

I love Stella. I want to do a vegetarian range of clothing. I haven't had time to properly focus on it, but I'm still designing.'

Leona Lewis on her beliefs:
Leona won't wear fur or leather or even feathers and the only time she can ever remember getting angry with someone was when they tried to give her a business card so they could sort her out a fur coat.

Recently, she told off the Brits organisers for including cruelly sourced foie gras on the menu for the event (they took it off). She also turned down a cool million to open the Harrods sale because it sells fur. "I really believe in standing up for what you believe in," she says, shrugging.

Leona Lewis on politics
We also chat about how she'd like a career like Madonna's, but would never get her kit off for a photo shoot ("No weird sex books for me," she says. "I would never even do a bikini shoot. It's too embarrassing"), wouldn't mind being a politician (she recently worked with Lord Mandelson on internet piracy) and how she feels sorry for the guy who punched her during a book signing: "I was angry at first, but when I found out he wasn't well..."

Leona Lewis on body issues:
We also chat about how she'd like a career like Madonna's, but would never get her kit off for a photo shoot ("No weird sex books for me," she says. "I would never even do a bikini shoot. It's too embarrassing")

It's all in the new issue of the UK InStyle, on newsstands now!


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