Rock n’ roller Lenny Kravitz is new to acting and he’s part of the worldwide phenomenon The Hunger Games. He plays Cinna, the man who dresses up Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) to make an impression on the audiences. Despite his unique rock star flair, Kravtiz said he couldn’t relate to Cinna’s fashion sense.

“Not at all because I have no imagination when it comes to clothes,” Kravitz said. “In life we're judged so much by obviously our outer appearance and in this scenario Cinna is trying to get Katniss to forge this impression, but the interesting thing is that you really see that he has a heart and he's really concerned with her. He's trying to let her know as much as he can, and he still works for the Capitol.”

Kravtiz’ fashion may help him win fans and listeners. The stakes are a bit higher for Katniss, competing in a battle royale with other children to the death. “Her first line is, 'So, you're here to make me look pretty, right,' and she doesn't want any part of all of this. He says, 'No. I'm here to help you make an impression,' because he wants to help her survive. And as you see, if people like you they can offer you gifts, when the parachute comes down with the ointment when her leg is all eaten up. That's all due to people liking her personality, liking her costumes, etcetera. So, he's really trying to help save her life. It's not as superficial as it seems, just dressing her up.”

The metaphor for modern day media is palpable. As a major figure in the entertainment industry, Kravitz could relate. “It's pretty much the same, short of us having a TV show like that yet where people are killing each other. You look at the film and you think about oppressive governments, the haves versus the have nots, 99% versus the 1%. Violence. All of this. It definitely mirrors where we are now although it's set in the future. We're there.”

The Hunger Games opens Friday.