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Robert Pattinson goes all Chris Crocker on a comedian: "Leave Heath Ledger alone!" - IDLYITW

2008 - The year the geeks took over - Cracked

Celebrity plastic surgery 2008 - City Rag

Ass Cream vendor:

New Year’s Resolutions That Never Work Out -

Mickey Rourke says Sean Penn is a huge homophobe - Superficial (denies it)

Finally, Pamela Anderson put some pants on - Hollywood Tuna

Kathy Griffin open-mic on NYE:

Great, now they won't be letting you take your cellphone on a plane soon - Gizmodo

Everyone needs a little David Beckham - Pop Bytes

Top 10 celebrities that look like hookers - Celebrity Odor

Quote of the day:

The 12 most embarrassing photos of the coming year - Cracked

Imperial Stormtroopers: They're Just Like Us! - Next Round

Lindsay Lohan in a bikini. She's still wearing those $7.99 Walmart special sunglasses though - Superficial

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