LeAnn Rimes says becoming famous as a young girl and a lack of a proper childhood led to a lifetime of struggle.

The singer started her music career at age 11 and had her fist big hit, "Blue," when she was just 13. The pressures of fame made her buy her anxiety and stress until she could no longer contain her feelings.

In August she turned 30 and entered a 30-day treatment program to deal with her emotional breakdown.

Rimes told Katie Couric: "I think it boils down to basically a loss of childhood. I didn't really have a childhood, and as a kid I was pretty much told to, if anyone asked me that question, to say I was fine...There's the little girl inside of me that I've never quite developed. I jumped over so many normal childhood experiences and became this adult very early on so that part of me is extremely developed and then there's this little girl who never got the attention that she needed. I'm giving her, I guess, that attention now in a way that I now know how to do."