If you thought The CW basing a game show on musical chairs was ridiculous, you weren't the only one. "I actually heard about the show through the trades or something, and I remember thinking 'So this is the end of television as we know it. This is the worst idea I've ever heard,'" confessed Oh Sit! cohost Jessi Cruickshank. "And then when they told me they wanted me to come in and meet about it, I was like 'Really? I don't know.'"

But when she took that meeting and found out that "my role would be to make fun of the people doing it, I realized it was something I actually really wanted to do," she continued with a laugh. "The thing with our show, if you can embrace the ridiculousness of what you're doing, which I think we've been able to do really well, then you're in on the joke. It was a huge hit for The CW. People were watching it and people were loving it."

Oh Sit! recently completed airing its second season, which was even zanier than the first. Looking back, "Our second season we sort of upped the ante on everything," reflected Jessi. "The second season we decided we were going to make it really crazy. They wanted more ridiculous falls, more slips, more slides. The obstacles got faster, some of them move now. It was brutal, grueling and way more hilarious.

"People ask me all the time, 'Would you ever do the course?' and I always say, 'I don't think I'm ensured for that,'" she quipped, "but I quite enjoy sipping a warm beverage in my little skybox looking down on the people who have made the life choice to compete on a musical chairs game show."

What makes the gig so enjoyable? "There are so many TV jobs that, they're looking for the blond chick with the big boobs to read the teleprompter, and that frankly is not me," she told us. "So when they said, 'We just want you to be yourself and be funny and kind of improv,' that was so exciting for me. And then I get to work with Jamie [Kennedy, her co-host]. He makes me laugh and I'm comfortable every day in the best way possible."

Then there's watching things like this happen.