Funnyman Larry David has played down his reputation as a multi-millionaire, insisting it's "ridiculous" his fans are "obsessed" with his personal wealth.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star is rumored to have made a fortune from the rights to the hit show, which has been syndicated around the world.
Media commentators often compare him to his famously wealthy Seinfeld co-star Jerry Seinfeld, but David is frustrated with the ongoing gossip about his wealth because "half" of his earnings were handed to his ex-wife Laurie Lennard following their divorce in 2007.
He tells Britain's Observer magazine, "It seems like it's not an issue with anybody else. It seems to be public with me for some reason; and by the way, the numbers are so far off. I don't have anything near what I'm reputed to have. My wife got half of it, the whole thing is ridiculous, and yet people are obsessed with the fact that I've made millions of dollars in syndication."

"It's almost like I shouldn't have the money: 'Why you?' Jerry's not asked about how much money he has (from the rights to Seinfeld). Only I am. It comes down to: 'Jerry deserves it, he starred in it; you got lucky!'... I haven't heard anyone say: 'Bruce Springsteen, you have all this money.' Somehow I've stolen the money. You know what I mean?"

"It doesn't suit me, that's why; it's uncharacteristic for a person with my personality to have it, that's what's askew, right? It's not a good fit - I should be poor. It's a mistake somehow."