Lara Flynn Boyle is set to star in the Lifetime Original Movie “The House Next Door.” Based on the novel of the same name by Anne Rivers Siddons, the film tells the haunting tale of a woman who is drawn to a home filled with a unique sort of evil that preys on its inhabitants’ weaknesses, slowly destroying the goodness in them.

In “The House Next Door,” Boyle plays Col Kennedy, a young, successful married woman who lives in a quiet, upscale neighborhood. When a stunning new home is built on the empty lot next door, strange events begin to occur, disrupting the neighborhood’s once comfortable surroundings.

Though Col’s rational mind tells her that the new house can’t possibly be haunted, she soon can’t ignore the multiplying tragedies which continue to be associated with it. She ultimately learns that the house amplifies the fears and frailties of all who enter it and wreaks havoc on their lives in terrible ways, resulting in stunning betrayals…and even death.

The made-for-TV movie will premiere this November.