Lamb Of God rocker Randy Blythe has been acquitted of causing a fan's death by pushing him offstage during a concert in Prague, Czech Republic.

Daniel Nosek, 19, left a 2010 Lamb of God gig and later complained of a headache and started vomiting. He was hospitalized and had emergency surgery to reduce swelling on his brain. He went into a coma and died weeks later.

Blythe, who spent one month in jail while he was remanded in custody last summer, was in the Municipal Court in Prague to hear the verdict.

Experts testified that the singer does not have a personality disorder, despite a previous assessment from a court-appointed criminal psychologist, who characterized Blythe as someone prone to exhibiting "histrionic and asocial tendencies."

In previous court sessions, prosecutors called witnesses who described Blythe's onstage aggression, recalling him pinning down one stage invader.
Blythe didn't recall pushing Nosek off the stage, but one concert goer testified that she had witnessed the alleged incident. She told the court, "He (Nosek) climbed onto the stage, and when he tried to stand up, Blythe shoved him."

Blythe faced up to 10 years in prison if he was found guilty of manslaughter.