Lady Gaga got personal with one of her Little Monsters last month when a 22-year-old fan met the singer at her Cape Town concert on December 3rd and got the star's autograph. On her nipples.

South Africa native Jana Babez met Gaga by getting her attention with pink dreadlocks and a headdress made of flowers, and when the singer spotted Jana she pulled her up on stage. Jana then flashed her breasts and was invited backstage after the show to meet her idol.

"Gaga picked me out from the audience calling me a 'pink princess'... When I saw Gaga I flashed my boobs at her, and at 55,000 audience members," Jana explained via a post on Lady Gaga's website. "She grabbed my boobs and then looked at me shocked and asked 'wait how old are you!?' When I said 22 she said 'Haha that's fine' and continued groping me.

"When I went backstage later she pulled my top down... and squealed 'You're the Little Monster who flashed me!'" said Babez. "She then tweaked my nipples in her transfixed/stoned state and insisted on signing them.

"Afterwards she looked at her masterwork and said 'Please don"t get that tattooed, I know it's my name but it's really ugly'. She wrote 'GA' on the one boob and 'GA' on the other. Life made."

Jana later posted another shot with her top back in place, tweeting, "Oh hey it's me and @ladygaga! SUPER CASUAL."

See Gaga doing the actual signing on the next page. We've censored the image a little but it's still borderline NSFW.