Lady Gaga is responding to rumors she may be ready to tie the knot with boyfriend Taylor Kinney after she was spotted shopping in bridal stores with her mom.

"I JUST HAD THE GREATEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIME IT WAS LIKE CARDIO AND DRUGS BUT BETTER MAYBE NOT HEALTHY BUT THE VINTAGE WAS", she wrote on her Twitter page July 6th. Soon after photos of her trying on bridal gowns surfaced, leading many to believe a wedding was coming soon.

That said, if anyone would simply want to dress up in a wedding gown it'd be Lady Gaga. That appears to be the case, as she took to Twitter once she had enough of the wedding rumors. She wrote, "I resent that I have to be getting married to wear Bridal, I mean what if I just love wearing white lace and pearls without it being creepy."

She followed up later with, "TILL DEATH DO US BRIDAL."

It isn't the first time the musician has been harassed for playing dress up. PETA took exception to her adorning her pet dog with jewels and clip on earrings.