Lady Gaga has poked fun at reports she's a hermaphrodite at the beginning of her racy new video for "Telephone" by stripping off in a jail cell.
The "Poker Face" hitmaker is led to through a prison as inmates hurl abuse and threats at her, and then thrown down on her bed by two tough female guards, who strip her.
As the music for the short film, which also features collaborator Beyonce, starts, Gaga climbs up the bars to her cell, wearing nothing but fishnet stockings, high heels and tape to cover her nipples.
Her genitalia is pixelated, but it's clear reports the singer has both male and female sex organs are far fetched.
And to make the point clear, an inmate is overheard saying, "I told you she didn't have a d**k."
Lady Gaga penned the script for the nine-and-a-half minute video, which also features Tyrese Gibson, with director Jonas Akerlund. 

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