Lady Gaga shocked TV viewers during an appearance on David Letterman's talk show this week by snatching the host's script and eating in front of him.

The pop superstar appeared on the Late Show on Monday night to promote her new album, "Born This Way," and she talked to the presenter about her wacky stage antics.

Letterman grilled Gaga about the egg prop she has used to make an entrance at events, asking her, "Tell me about the egg. How much time do you spend in it? Oh, is it tough to get insurance?"

She replied, "Well, no, because for me, it's a place where I can meditate and experience rebirth. So I just get inside of it and close it and then when I feel that I have been reborn spiritually, I just, whoo, come out."

He went on to quiz her about whether she once ate a "Barbie doll's head" on stage, and the singer insisted she does it "all the time" before grabbing Letterman's production notes, ripping the script into pieces and stuffing it in her mouth. She chewed on the paper in front of the shocked host and later spat it out behind her chair.

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