And the fest just keeps on going!  We’re about ready for another party at this year’s LA Film Fest 2012 and as luck would have it Starpulse did get another invite.  We’re about to mix and mingle with fellow colleagues and filmmakers shilling their ample wares at The Press and Filmmaker Cocktail Reception!


Party, Party, Party!

We start the event off by coming up a series of elevators in the very lush Ritz-Carlton Residences and are greeted with a very inspiring ribbon bound notebook for all and a fresh glass of champagne – membership has its rewards!


The bubbly is flowing and everyone is taking full advantage.  (Except Mr. Coke yours truly – I had to see more movies that day man!)


The true mecca and meeting grounds for any party worth its salt – the food area.  Chefs are preparing tasty hors d’oeuvres for the honored guests including steak skewers, egg roles, a fresh wonton salad and more.  (Do you guys deliver?!)


Finally the single most important part of the whole event – the schmoozing.  I got a change to chat with the producer of the great looking documentary "The Iran Job," the director of "The Last Elvis," and various folks from the notable drama "It’s a Disaster."  All in all a fun, delicious and informative part of the fest to keep the movie geek going – thanks LA Film Fest!


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