LA Film Fest 2012 is in full swing with films, parties and gatherings galore.  The first notable flick on our coverage radar is a fantastic and moving Swiss film titled "Sister."  Directed by the amazing Ursula Meier and featuring one knock out performance by young lead actor Kacey Mottet Klein, the movie is powerful emotional drama about secrets, lies and family.  (Watch for the review up this week!)  We recently celebrated "Sister" (aka "L'enfant d'en haut") and it’s inclusion into this year’s festival with some of the folks from the film at the lush residence of the very welcoming Bruno Ryff, the Consul General of Switzerland.  (We feel very honored!)  It was a memorable event with a bit of everything (I even hit the Foosball table for a game – and won!) and nothing provides an intro to a great film like...a party!


The house is magnificent.  Not only are there massive amounts of room, but also in the hot California weather the massive swimming pool looks very inviting! (Plus the bar is fully stocked with juice, wine and the like for those who find themselves particularly parched!)


After some very eloquent words from the Consul General Bruno Ryff, we get to hear from both "Sister" director Ursula Meier and her lead actor Kacey Mottet Klein, who talk a bit about the film and how it was made. (Both Bruno and the Foosball table can be spotted in the background!)


I talked personally to both Ursula and Kacey and let them know just what a remarkable film "Sister" is.  (It’s currently #1 on my list of best films at the fest this year!)  Ursula let me know that some of the story is taken from her own personal experience and Kacey expresses how much he enjoyed working with his Ursula again. (They previously collaborated on the film "Home.")  After many grilling questions from me, they both agree to take a photo – thanks you guys!


The best part of any party – the food!  And this was a Buffet-Luncheon befitting of a king, as our generous hosts provided everything from an out of this world chicken and mushroom dish (not to mention a Vegetarian version for those who prefer it!) to fresh bread and butter that melted in your mouth – I’m never leaving!



All in all a really fun time to celebrate a film that is as stunning in its cinematography as it is in it’s dramatic subject matter – the International Showcase Switzerland entry "Sister" is one to watch!


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