Kylie Jenner showed off her impressive bikini bod on Instagram this week, sharing a selfie in a tiny blue two-piece. (NOTE: we added some new photos to this slideshow, and Kylie's still in there.)

The 16-year-old reality star has come under fire for the shot, which several websites are claiming she photoshopped. Shortly after she posted the image it was taken down and replaced by another that was clearly different from the first one. Keyword: clearly.

Some sites got a hold of the initial image before Kylie removed it (see it below), posting comparisons of the two; and half of the internet freaked over the move, accusing her of photoshopping her image. Kylie defended the shot, tweeting, "I've never photoshopped an Instagram photo. it was fuzzy from the app I used. So end of story thank u."

If she did photoshop the image, it's pretty obvious that all she did was fix the contrast and brightness and sharpen it up a bit. It's not like she tried to take a few inches off her waist or anything.

Kylie and sister Kendall, 18, also shared shots with a group of male models, writing, "model boys, ladies.. model boys" and "look out," respectively.

Kylie and Kendall weren't the only celebs to post some great pics on Instagram. "Pretty Little Liars" Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell shared a shot from the beach, Kelly Brook got really racy, and Miley Cyrus snapped a shot of mom Tish lounging in the pool.

See them all and lots more above.