2006 Grammy® nominee K.T. Tunstall became one of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters in the world in one giant step, with the amazing two-year global journey of her multi-million selling debut album, 'Eye To The Telescope'. In September 2007, Virgin Records will release Tunstall's second album, 'Drastic Fantastic'.

For 'Drastic Fantastic' K.T. again tapped Telescope producer Steve Osbourne (U2, New Order, Happy Mondays). The album was mixed by Michael H. Brauer (Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, My Morning Jacket). Tunstall recently told a British interviewer that her acquisition of two "very sexy" guitars had inspired her to crank them for the new album, providing a clue to the sound of her new work.

The album's September release will follow a busy summer of high-profile live appearances for K.T., including the worldwide seven-concert Live Earth event July 7th, where Tunstall will perform alongside The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Kanye West, Dave Matthews Band and many others at the Giants Stadium, New Jersey stage. K.T. is also scheduled for a July 13th spot on the popular summer live music series performed outdoors in New York's Rockefeller Center, and telecast on NBC's Today morning show.

Both the U.S. music media and the enthused fans that packed out her first North American appearances were immediately impressed with Tunstall's unique delivery, as well as the substance and originality of her musical fusion. Early in the U.S. tour that preceded the album's 2006 U.S release, The New York Times noted K.T.'s "strong voice, that in the same chorus can rasp like a blues mama and giggle like a giddy kid."

Joining the Live Earth event to educate a generation on the climate crisis is just the latest evidence of Tunstall's consistent commitment to making and publicizing eco-friendly choices in her life and career. Tunstall has performed in such recent events as Elle Magazine's Green Issue party and e! Entertainment Television's post-Golden Globes "Golden Green"-themed after-party, which was affiliated with Global Cool, the campaign that creates environmental consciousness through entertainment and educational events. Tunstall was among the central founding figures in the launch of Global Cool, whose first act was to meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and lobby him and a group of fifty major business leaders on environmental issues at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister's residence.

In the victory lap that was her post-platinum U.S. headline tour, Tunstall traveled in an environmentally friendly biodiesel bus. Tunstall is also affiliated with The CarbonNeutral Company, a consulting project that analyzes and facilitates voluntary action on climate change for businesses, governments and individuals. To offset the carbon footprint of her own album, Tunstall partnered with CarbonNeutral in a dedicate-a-tree plan in her native Scotland's Carrifran Wildwood, which, thanks to the enthusiastic response of her fans, now totals more than 5,000 trees. In keeping with its own environmental initiatives, Virgin will be assisting K.T.'s efforts in "greening" the launch of 'Drastic Fantastic.'