Smallville stars Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack are not only co-stars, they're great friends and burgeoning business partners. Starpulse had an opportunity to chat with the actresses, who dished about their characters, staying out of the tabloids, and the development of their upcoming website geared towards college students.

I'd love to ask you both about spoilers for "Smallville," but the strike is going on. Are you finished working for now?

Kristin: We're getting to a point where now all we are shooting is what you guys are seeing. We're going to start winding down and wait until the writer's strike blows over.

Kristin, you've been going through a bit of a transformation on the show. You've been good, you've been bad, you've been good again. What's in the future?

K: I don't know if she's ever been "good" or "bad" so much as she's just been trying to figure out what is going on. I don't think there ever was a "bad" that she became. I think what's going on is Lana is really confused and has gone through a lot of trauma. I think she really played that out to a large extent and really seen the consequences of what happens when she does that.

At one point this season I think that destroying Lex was more valuable to her than staying alive and being in a loving relationship with Clark and also with her friends. And at this point I think she's starting to see how and she's starting to be more compassionate and that is okay.
What would you like to happen with your character?

K: I'd really like her to become more consistent, find some sort of peace in herself, support Clark on his journey and support herself on her journey and really discover what she truly wants and to go for that.

What's been one of the favorite things you've done on the show thus far?

K: I had a lot of fun last season. I had a lot of fun working with Michael (Rosenbaum who plays Lex Luther) and got to explore a lot of really interesting parts of this character. It was also the first season I got some really juicy material to play with, which I always enjoy.

Is there a role in the future, post-"Smallville" that you would like to do?

K: Yeah, definitely. I'm kind of open to a lot of them, but I'd like to really do roles that are kind of complex and challenging and just try new things.

Allison, you've also had a bit of a transformation on the show recently because you're now meteor infected. So what does that mean for your character?

Allison: A whole lot more to work with. It's really great. I feel like for the first time I've got a storyline that's all my own that I can really play with and branch off with. I'm really enjoying that. It's really cool because my character's really getting to try on what it must be like to be Clark on a very small scale…sort of have capabilities to really save the world but really have to put myself in the back seat in order to do that. It's an interesting dilemma for my character, and it's been a really cool thing to play. I'm enjoying it. It's such an amazing gift that the writers gave me.
Do you know what's in your character's future at all?

A: Not really. I know I'm starting to come out and use my power more and more, so I think a lot of my character's future is going to be based around that and making decisions as far as what she wants to do with her power and how far she wants to take it.. and of course the traditional side-kick stuff.

What is the power specifically?

A: I heal people. But in healing people I take in their pain. The greater the wound the more it affects me.

What would you like to happen with Chloe?

A: I would like to see her use her powers more. I would like to see her explore that and go out into the world and try and utilize her powers to do different things. It's a really interesting storyline.

The relationship between Lana and Chloe has soured a little bit. How do you two get along off-screen?

K: Allison and I are really great friends. We're starting a company together, we spend a lot of our time together. We spent the first half of our 20s together and learning from each other. We're really good friends.

Allison I assume you agree?

A: Yes.

You've both managed to stay out of the tabloids unlike some other stars around your age or a little younger. What's your opinion about celebrities who seek the spotlight through some of their antics?

K: I don't really have an opinion on them. I think there are different things that people want in the world. There are things that we each go for. I actually don't really know any other actors personally. I know a few. I don't know what's going on for them or what they want in their lives or what they're seeking out, or if they're seeking things out like paparazzi or not. I think that for me personally my value system has never been to go and party or date the new hot guy or any of those things. I've always wanted to really learn and find out about myself and develop deep relationships with people. That's what I'm trying to do as opposed to doing other things. I don't really have an opinion on the people who are in the tabloids.

A: I think likewise. I think everybody's searching for something and we're all looking for it in a different way. Like Kristin, I don't really value going out and partying and being at premieres and stuff like that. That's not necessarily where I choose to spend my time and energy. But if other people want to do that and have a good time than that's totally cool. They probably don't see the value in staying home and reading a book or going to lectures and stuff. It's different things that different people like, and I don't think there's a judgment on it either way.

Everyone has there own thing, and one of the things you two are working on is this website. What can you tell me about that?

K: What we're doing right now is it's not really a website yet. Right now we're just sending out a survey for college students to fill out. Basically it's about spending habits, things that they're interested in, things that they want to see and things that they would like to do. It's really for us, because Allison and I didn't go to college, to get a sense of where college students are at. We've got an experience for what it's like in our 20s, but we weren't in that environment. We've got to find out all these things so we can build a website for college students specifically for their wants. And we want to create something that's really, really amazing and completely different than what's out there already.

What kind of things do you think you'll be including on this website?

K: I think we're keeping everything pretty top secret right now. We want to tease people a little bit.

Gotcha. What about you Allison. What can you tell me about it?

A: The survey is really the most important thing right now... We designed this survey specifically so we could gather the information we feel that we want so we can build a website that really is different and unique and authentic and useful and the most copasetic it could possibly be. Basically, we're trying to get inside college students' head so we can build something that's really unique, that's never been seen before and never been done before and is really helpful and effective in aiding college students in their journeys. I think the most important thing right now is getting as many college students as possible to take the website survey so we can get as much research as possible so we can build the coolest thing we could possibly build.

Want to take the survey? GO HERE

Interview by Noelle Talmon
Starpulse editor