Every year the Twilight presence at Comic-Con gets bigger. In 2007, the readers knew who were playing their favorite vampires. Once the movies came out, fans would have to camp out for days to get into Hall H for the annual Twilight panel. This year, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 brought more stars than ever to San Diego.

The big three remain Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, now that Team Edward/Team Jacob lines have been drawn. The trio met the press the morning before being escorted safely to the Convention Center hall. Pattinson sported what looked like a fauxhawk on only the right side of his head, so Edward Cullen hair no more.

Q: What was it like filming in Brazil and to be loved all over the world?

KS: All that love. It was nice being able to shoot on the actual streets, to see that within the context of this movie is definitely jarring in a great way. It’s very different.

RP: Loved all over the world? Being loved all over the world, it’s nice. I don’t know if it’s love necessarily, and shooting in Brazil, it’s one of the interesting things about having an international fan base, every single country has a totally different reaction to you and to the movie. Shooting on the street in Brazil, compared to people trying to sneak a picture or something if you’re shooting in the states or Canada, in Brazil people would literally try and grab you. It was pretty fun, on the set. In the shot.

TL: I was not there. I do love Brazil but I was not there. They came back and showed me this picture. They told me first there was an extra that looked just like me. They showed me this picture and I even thought it was me. Didn’t you have to place him further back?

KS: He looked like an Eclipse poster.

TL: That would be so hilarious. You guys are walking through and I’m just standing there like this.

Q: Are these movies truly the end of The Twilight Saga or might there be a spinoff of the saga?

RP: Like Breakfast Time. Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Brunch. Noon. I don’t know, I guess the answer to that one’s with Stephanie [Meyer], really.

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Q: Out of all the films, what was the most secretive scene to film? And also, what scene was the most exposed to fans?

KS: The wedding was definitely. It was like Secret Service style, insane. The crew was completely inconvenienced and grumbling around the set, like “I can’t have my cell phone.” You don’t know how much this means to us, like if this dress gets on the internet I’ll die, thank you so much. I had a Volturi cloak on because that’s all we had to cover up. It was really funny.

RP: We didn’t have to do anything too intimate where there were a lot of people around, or we didn’t know there were a lot of people around.

KS: We didn’t know when we were being photographed and stuff. That was always a weird experience after the fact, being like, “Oh, [they were there for] the whole scene. Awesome.”

TL: A lot of the movie takes place inside, so most of our time spent we were in Baton Rouge filming on a stage. We had two months in Vancouver but Breaking Dawn is very intimate. I just feel they did a really good job allowing us to be creative. We really didn’t have to focus on being distracted or anything like that on this movie.

KS: They protected us, kind of.

Q: What was it like filming Bella’s wedding, honeymoon and giving birth and how did it affect you personally?

KS: Everything, I can’t draw the line between myself and the stuff I do. It’s funny, I don’t want to make it sound like it’s not just about this, but really with everything I do it’s hard for me to take myself out of it. I’ve been building up to these moments for four years. I was 17 when I started this movie. This one is really loaded with those cathartic, impactful, huge moments and they’re not all completely fantasy. They’re very rooted in a reality that I can completely see myself in, and anyone. Anyone who reads the books can imagine them. Shooting the scenes, I had to let myself realize that these moments will find themselves naturally. I can’t let the book punch me in the face every morning and give me stomach aches. Just let the moments happen. I do feel it’s very close to the book and a really sincere telling of the story. At the same time, we added bits. There are surprises that surprise me too, even in the iconic bits, in the wedding, in the honeymoon.

Q: What was your favorite scene to film from Breaking Dawn?

TL: I’ve always been able to choose one for all of the movies. But this one I can’t. It’s just there’s so much going on in this movie and all of the characters are dealing with their own little things. It’s impossible for me to choose my favorite scene in this movie. Especially Jacob changes so much from the beginning to the end. It’s hard for me to choose.

KS: I’m not going to say any of our scenes together because I don’t want to offend you guys, but there’s a scene with me and Charlie at the wedding that I love so much. And also with Renee, one after the other. I really like them. They’re sweet.

RP: I think the birth scene is so different to everything else in the movie. Also for a fantasy series that has kind of a youngish audience, it goes quite far. It’s quite hardcore.

KS: It felt overtly graphic.

RP: But there’s no other way to do it. If you read the book, there’s literally no way to do it in any kind of tame way. So it was fun.

Q: Do you ever wish this was a small indie film that ran on The Sundance Channel?

KS: If this was a tiny little independent movie that only ran on Sundance, then we would not be able to do it justice. Maybe, maybe the first few. This one is really a big movie. It’s nice to be indulgent and shoot for 6 months, with an A-lister! Sure, we wouldn’t be doing a press conference about it. Maybe we would be sitting in some cool snowy lofty place in Sundance. What I’m saying is there’s really no difference. We’d be having the same conversation probably.

Q: Since we’re here at Comic-Con, what are the most nerdy things you’ve learned about each other?

KS: Breakfast Time.

RP: Actually, I don’t think Kristen is nerdy.

KS: I think I’m always cool.

RP: Kristen literally only watches The Cooking Channel. Especially on set it’s bizarre, she has a TV in the makeup trailer that’s always on. It’s her only diva behavior, having The Cooking Channel on at all times in every room.

KS: And you all reap the benefits. It was dismal times. It was long shoots. Taylor, I have one that I’m not going to say.

TL: Bill, do you have any since you’re able to watch the three of us.

KS: Taylor can dance. He never wants to say it. He can move his hips better than I will ever dream.

TL: That’s so not true.

KS: He can move.

RP: That’s not nerdy. That’s awesome.

Q: Which scene were you most nervous about shooting knowing you’ve got to pull this off?

TL: I was pretty nervous about imprinting. I was given an X on a wall, correct?

KS: What, did you want her to be sitting there?

TL: No, I don’t know what I would’ve wanted. It’s kind of an evil scenario here but there was an X on a wall. I had to walk on a wall on the verge of killing this baby, then stop, twist and imprint on it, whatever that means. Stop, twist and imprint.

RP: Jacob’s signature move.

TL: It was challenging. I spent a lot of time talking to Bill and to Stephenie. Okay, what exactly does imprinting even look like? It was tough. I sure hope it comes across.

RP: Embarrassingly, the thing I was most nervous about was taking my shirt off.

KS: At least he’s honest. That’s cool.

RP: So much of the books are about Edward’s body. I managed to avoid having to show off in the whole series when in the book it’s almost every three pages. How can I swim? I’ll be wearing a T-shirt, or a onesy.

Q: What was the most awkward scene you had to shoot and what will you miss most?

KS: Well, occasionally I couldn’t pick up the kid sometimes. They were different, because we had MacKenzie Foy who’s an amazing little kid, like the coolest kid I’ve ever met, smarter than me in a lot of ways. Then you have these other little girls who’d come in to play the younger version of MacKenzie. They’re all great awesome little kids. It’s just not to have them there every day, I’m awkward, I can’t handle that. Me and McKenzie were awesome, but I just couldn’t deal with [it]. I look ridiculous. They were bigger than me in some cases.

RP: Talking about the baby, we had an animatronic baby for one day. It was your scene where you had to be introduced to her.

KS: In the book that was one of my favorite parts and then to know you’re not going to be looking at a real child.

RP: It’s Chucky from Child’s Play.

KS:  And the guy’s sweating under your eyeline, they get the hand up to touch your face and then it sticks to your hair and pulls a little bit. You’re like ugh, get that thing off me. Get me a baby, this is ridiculous. It had hair and it’s a newborn baby. I know that’s in the book and you can imagine how cool that would be.

RP: Or if you’ve ever seen a baby with a wig on. Or the trolls at the end of your pencil.

BC: Looking at the dailies, I call cut and the baby’s eyes start moving.

Q: How do you guys deal with the middle aged women who love you? Does it creep you out?

RP: I’m not creeped out at all by it. I guess to be creeped out by it, you’d have to be creeped out by middle aged women in general which I’m not. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

TL: But no complaints here.