Kristen Bell shared her love of Discovery Channel reality series "Naked And Afraid" during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show on Friday.

"It's the best -- the best!" Kristen exclaims when Ellen brings up the show.

"For 21 days it's a man and a woman, and in the middle of nowhere, and my favorite thing about the show is... because it's in the middle of nowhere they always hire a local to drop them off."

Bell adds that she loves the look on the faces of the locals when it's time for the two survivors to leave all their belongings behind.

"And then [the local watches] this American get out of the truck or boat, take it all off, throw their sandals back in the truck, and then they just walk away.

"And the local must be like, 'American television?'"

Ellen then staged her own version of the show for Kristen to compete in, sending her backstage to get naked (she wore a flesh-tone bodysuit -- sorry guys) and then giving her 60-seconds to make fire and build a shelter while battling "the elements."

Check it out...