Kirstie Alley has proudly announced she has lost an impressive 55 lbs. The Fat Actress star - who is now a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig diet - says she is pleased to have lost so much weight, but admits she still wants to shed another 25-30 lbs.

The former Cheers actress revealed to chat show host Oprah Winfrey that she let herself get so fat by believing her now ex-husband, Parker Stevenson, should love her no matter how much she weighed. She explained: "I made some good decisions simultaneously with some bad decisions. The good part of it was, 'I'm going to spend more time with my kids, I'm going to cook.' The bad decision was - and this is the dumbest decision I've ever made in my life - it went like this: If a man really loves me, he will not have to love me for my body. He will really love me just for me. When did I decide I was a big fat girl?"

Kirstie, 54 - who has now lost 17 percent of her body fat - says she was shocked into losing weight when she joined the Jenny Craig program. She said: "I weighed 219 lbs. For someone who spent most of her life at 130lbs, it was a shock."