Actress Kirstie Alley turned to Scientology to help her kick a cocaine habit that was spiraling out of control.

The former Cheers star dabbled with the drug during her youth, but vowed to give it up for good after continuously fearing for her health each time she got high.

During an interview on the Tonight Show, she says, "I thought I was going to overdose almost every time. I would snort the coke, then I would sit there, I'd take my pulse (thinking), 'I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying.'"

The 61 year old later enrolled in a Church of Scientology-affiliated treatment programmer and read the organization’s self-help guidebook Dianetics - and Alley insists the work and the religion's principles saved her life.

She adds, "Somehow I got through (the book), and I thought 'Either (Scientology) is the world's biggest scam or... this is how I am going to get rid of this hideous compulsion."