Actress Kirstie Alley has blasted reports suggesting her new diet program is a Church of Scientology initiative, insisting only 10 per cent of the project's bosses are Scientologists.

Alley, who is a Scientologist, had to defend her Organic Liaison line during an interview on national TV in America on Tuesday - and now she's speaking out to clear up rumors the weight loss program is a front for the Church.

The former "Cheers" star, who constantly struggles with her weight, has admitted "The Today Show" line of questioning took her by surprise and now adds, "That I would need to clarify or defend the intentions or affiliations of my LLC business corporation in the year 2010 is indicative of the intolerances that we as a country still need to overcome.

"However, after 'The Today Show' brought fringe bigotry and intolerance into the forefront of national media, I feel compelled to clarify two issues.

"There was a claim made that my product is a front for Scientology. This is not true. Organic Liaison is its own LLC and is not affiliated with the Church of Scientology or the World Institute of Scientology. The proof is in the numbers.

"The web team has six people; none are Scientologists. The advisory board has five people, one of whom is a Scientologist. The marketing team has six people; none are Scientologists. The Operations Director is not a Scientologist. One of the three people in the accounting team is a Scientologist, the other two are not. The legal team has four people, none of whom are Scientologists. Out of the 25 employees of Organic Liaison, four are Scientologists."