Kirsten Dunst has been a successful actor for over two decades, and she’s only 29. Now that she is a grown-up living on her own, she finally feels like she’s made it. Not because of he successful movies or her awards, but because of her neighbor.

“There are moments when you know you’ve actually made it,” Dunst said, speaking at a Young Hollywood panel at AFI Fest. “I’m a big R.E.M. fan. When I was younger, I used to jump around to ‘Stand’ in my living room. Now Michael Stipe is my neighbor. That’s when I made it. Michael Stipe is my neighbor.”

Not only does Dunst have a famous neighbor, but they are actually closer than many non celebrity neighbors are.

“I see him a lot. I’m still a fan. It’s so weird because he wants to go [hang] out with me and be my friend, but I’m still like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Michael, I’ve got to be cool.’ He asked me to do his video recently and I was like, ‘Yeah, of course.’ He sang to me a cappella. It was a pretty incredible moment.”

AFI Fest runs through Thursday, November 10 in Hollywood, CA.