We have a strong feeling that Kim Kardashian won't be launching a successful film career anytime soon.

The reality star appears in the upcoming film "Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confession of a Marriage Counselor" and although the role may have appeared to be a good fit, her lack of acting skills is distracting.

Kim plays minor character Ava, who works alongside lead character Judith (Jurnee Smollett) at a high priced matchmaking service. In the first scene of the trailer, Ava and Judith disagree over the dress code:

Ava: "We have a standard to uphold. That blouse - it's telling it all."

Judith: "So does your dress."

Ava: "What's wrong with my dress?"

Judith: "Can you even breathe?"

Kim definitely looks the part of a sexy matchmaker, but she can't...welll...act.  Later in the trailer she answers a question with a question. "Who's that?" asks Judith, to which Ava responds, "The largest social media inventor since Zuckerberg?" Is she telling us or asking us? Does she even know what she's talking about?

The film centers on a marriage counselor whose personal and professional life becomes complicated after has an affair with one of her clients. The film hits theaters on March 29, 2013.

Check out the trailer below: