Kelsey Grammer has been granted permission to take custody of his two children with ex-wife Camille for the duration of his stay in Los Angeles next week.
The divorced Camille in February and wed Kayte Walsh just days later. The former couple met in court on Friday for the first time since their split last year to settle a matter in their custody battle over six-year-old son Jude and nine-year-old daughter Mason.
Grammer turned to a judge for a ruling after Camille challenged his request to take primary care of the kids while he was in Los Angeles amid allegations the TV actor had refused to accompany the children to their weekly sporting and dance activities.
The judge ruled in Grammer's favor, but ordered him to stick to the kids' timetable for the six days he had been given custody, reports
Grammer was forced to sit through the hearing without his new wife there to support him after the judge closed the courtroom to members of the public.