You know the feeling-we've all had it.

Chills run down your spine, and the hair stands up on the back of your neck. It's the kind of reaction you get when you hear a new singer with a special kind of extraordinary talent. It's the reaction you get when you hear newcomer Kelly Sweet.

At just 18 years old, Kelly Sweet has already performed at over 500 concerts around the country, including opening gigs for Paul Simon, Kenny Loggins and Anita Baker. Most recently she has performed in front of sold-out stadiums, singing the National Anthem for a number of major league teams including the LA Lakers, NJ Nets, and was invited by The St. Louis Cardinals to sing "God Bless America," at the National League Championship Series Game 5 of the MLB playoffs.

Kelly may be young but she's not short of experience or talent. Classically-trained from the age of 3 and able to sing in several languages (from French to Italian to Sanskrit!), her music has already been capivating the industry and mainstream audiences for months, with her songs, "We Are One," and "Ready for Love," appearing in episodes of network television shows (NBC/Passions and ABC/One Life To Live, respectively). Expect Kelly's cover of the Aerosmith classic song, "Dream On," to generate a buzz among older audiences and new fans alike.

"It isn't often that I've heard an artist for the first time and felt a shiver through my body and the hair on my neck stand up. That's the amazing feeling I got when I heard Kelly for the first time. In a world of knock off, sound alike, electronically enhanced 'singers,' Kelly Sweet stands out with her amazing talent and a fantastic array of songs." - Mark Edwards, Director of Programming KEZK/KYKY (St. Louis)